Friday, March 20, 2009

Real Food # 2

At Costco I bought a big tray of Coleman organic boneless chicken thighs.
Here's an easy and delicious marinade.
evoo, ketjap manis (sweet soy sauce), tamari, garlic or garlic powder and lemon juice.
Let it do it's thing for at least 6 hours. Delicious grilled, but you could put it under the broiler too.
Great for leftover meals.

So here was breakfast. I was very very hungry, possibly because I did the "Murph" last morning. Go take a look at Bee's wonderful blog for more on the "Murph". I added dips also.

Left over sliced chicken, radish and cucumber salad and strawberries.
Try this for the cucumber, radish salad.
Thin sliced radishes, diced cucumber and scallion. Next add a little dressing. Mix a tablespoon of tehina, clove of garlic, squeeze of lemon juice and a splash of evoo. Add a small handful of raw sunflower seeds.
I surprised myself with this one ;-)
Deliciously full of flavor and real food for you goodness.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!


Son of Grok said...

Man.. the meat and the salad look SO good. The strawberries look good but too many of them... I dont think i could handle that much sweet any more! lol. You have't talked the Hilton into letting you open thte paleo grill yet have you?

The SoG

BEELifestyle said...

Hey thanks!

How was murph?? Pretty brutal, no? Did you break up the pull-ups, push-ups and squats or power through them all?

That's one workout that feels great - when you're done. Nice work!


BEELifestyle said...

Oh and I forgot to say - the day after murph I was constantly hungry too. Really takes a lot outta ya!

That meat looks delish!

Marc said...

Thanks! Yes a few to many strawberries, but I was so dang hungry from the "Murph". Also tis the season for strawberries here in Florida, so they are delicious and local. I've not convinced the Hilton yet ;-)
It's just a matter of time though ;-)

Murph kicked my little dutch ass
I did not start with a mile run. I only ran one mile at the end.
My quads are very very sore ;-) I broke it up like this. Squats 6 x 50. about 10-20 sec rests in between. Pull ups sets of 15 for the first 2, then set of ten then sets of 5. again 15 sec. rests. Pushups 2 x 50. 2 x 25 and then 5 or so at a clip, with dry heaving ;-) till I got to 200
Dips 5 x 20. Ran my mile in 7:49.
I was TOAST!
Fun stuff....for those of us that enjoy this kind of sillyness ;-)
Ate a LOT yesterday.
Have a great weekend.


Jeff said...

Hey Marc,

I can't believe my google reader didn't find your blog earlier. It is awesome! Thanks for connecting with me by posting on my site recently. I look forward to reading you archives and upcoming posts. Always looking for food ideas, etc.


Marc said...

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for the compliment and for taking the time to leave a comment. Hope you stumble on some recipe ideas here you can use.
Have a great weekend.