Monday, March 23, 2009

Burger time!

Step by step with pictures below.
1 pound of grass fed beef, 1 medium yellow onion, 3 cloves of garlic, one egg, fresh ground pepper, sea salt and one slice of asiago cheese.
Chop onion, garlic and the slice of cheese, then. Combine all the ingredients.

I usually make 3 patties out of a pound. Grilling tip; get your grill nice and hot, then turn down the front burners (if you have a charcoal grill, make sure you have an area for indirect heat)
Put on the burgers and close the lid. The Argentineans, who love their beef find it a cardinal sin if grease drips on the fire and flames up. Grass fed just grills better with in-direct heat, just my experience. I also had a chicken sausage left that I made. Good batch of left overs from this meal.

Don't over cook these bad boys, no hockey pucks here.

A nice salad with "raw ranch dressing" that I bought at the farmers market on Saturday.
And lastly, this is the look my pooch gives when he is patiently waiting for his taste of burger.
Coming up: what I ate this past weekend competing in another tennis tournament.


MrsEvilGenius said...


I'd have to omit the onions for mr-doesn't-eat-veg, but otherwise, lovely!

I'd never have thought to add egg.

Will try this soon and send linky love.

Son of Grok said...

Awesome food p*rn! That is almost the exact same way that i prepare my burgers.

The SoG

Jay C said...

Now we're talking, though I've gone to making my burgers 8oz. I love mixing 3lbs ground beef, 1lb ground pork.
The little extra fat in the pork, helps makes a great burger.
Chow On...

PS. Smoked some Heart this weekend, eating now for lunch, pretty tasty.

MrsEvilGenius said...

Right. i couldn't wait! I made these and blogged them today for lunch (well, I ate lunch and blogged it afterward, lol)

I forgot the cheese! Argh! Will correct next time.

Blog will be up with linky love tomorrow. ;D

Oh, i love jay's idea of beef and sausage. Must try. Love pork.

Elizabeth said...

That's pretty much the same ingredients I use for my burgers! The only difference is I like to saute the onions first to take the raw edge off them.

And the pooch is adorable. :)

Marc said...

Mr.s Evil,
Thank you!! No veg...not even onion?

lol. What do you toss in the burgers?

agreed, but didn't have any pork
Smoked heart.....let me know how that coes out.

Cool! By the way thanks for your awesome lard post. Thanks to you I will be trying that.


Son of Grok said...

I do chopped onion, garlic, an egg, pepper, a little sea salt.

The SoG

Jay C said...


Heart really came out good. Kept temps below 250, took about 3 hours, mopped on some homemade Jack Daniels BBQ sauce.
Pics at:

Next up is a Cookshack Smoker.

Dave Clary said...


What would be the best way to cook these using an oven or range top (still don't own a decent grill)?
Looking forward to the tennis food posts--maybe I can get some ideas for when I spend a weekend on deck officiating a swim meet!


MrsEvilGenius said...

Dave, I fried mine in my cast-iron skillet. I managed to overcook them (rolls eyes) but they still tasted wonderful.

Am re-creating the dish again today with sausage and cheese added (and less cook time)!


TrailGrrl said...

This is timely. I just got 1/4 side of beef and have like 30 2-lb packs of ground beef.

The sausage looks super tasty.


Dave Clary said...

Thanks, EG. My cast iron skillet gets a workout both on the rangetop and under the broiler. I'm gonna give this a try.


Lynn said...

I have made these burgers twice and both times I had ravenous stomach cramps standing over the stove smelling them as they cooked. Wonderful!

Marc said...


Thanks for trying it out. And I'm glad they came out nice and tasty.
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I enjoy the feedback.