Wednesday, March 18, 2009


After my question last week, I wanted to give you some more thoughts about walking.

What's our most natural and oldest mode of transportation?
That's right. WALKING. We've been doing it forever, and guess what? Over the last 50 years, as a whole we really don't do it anymore. We walk from our car to work or to the grocery store, usually with the added stress of having driven around for 10 minutes trying to find the closest spot. I love how silly we truly are ;-)
Walking has numerous benefits. It relaxes the central nervous system, it "un-winds" our spine, and improves circulation to our extremities, just to name a few.
Now there are two ways of walking. You can take a leisurely stroll, or you can walk because you have to "get somewhere". The latter is in my opinion of prime importance to your well being.
So important that you should aim to walk at least one hour every day. I wish I could send you to some links of in depth studies to back up my little post here, but this comes purely from my own experiences and observations . So if you are not walking all ready, get outside and try it. I think you will be amazed what happens after just a few weeks of it.
Small rant;
You know what? This NOT real food.
It's a "franken food" (told you I love that word)
This little 3 ounce bag holds 3 servings. For a total calorie count of about 500. Would you believe it also has MSG in it?
It was handed out in a goodie bag at a golf tournament I went to, and at least three people made the comment to me; "hey Marc, you can have mine, this is the healthy shit you eat".
I politely declined, as I watched everyone scarf down muffins and pastries for the continental breakfast, I was happy that I all ready ate. What did I eat? Some left over strips of rib eye and a few grapes on the car ride there.


Rayna said...

Hey Mark-

You're absolutely right on both rants here. Walking and eating real food are two things long gone and forgotten by humans today.

I do how ever LOVE my trail mix. Since I'm outside all year round, it's hard to find any food that's as portable and weather friendly as trial mix. I make my own out of nuts and dried fruit(no sugar added). It's healthier and in my opinion it tastes better. Then again- you really can't go wrong with ribeye.

Son of Grok said...

Lol. Sometimes its hard to believe that you can screw up something as simple as trail mix. I made my own for my parents the other day and sent it home with my mother. Various nuts and some freeze dried blueberries. They were so amazed with how much better it was that they ordered all their own stuff. And trailmix is SO easy to throw together!

You know where I stand on walking. Walkieness is next to godliness... wiat.. whuh (?)

The SoG

Marc said...

Hi Rayna,

You are so right, making the trail mix yourself is a whole different animal. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, much appreciated!!!

Where do you get the freeze dried blueberies? Please share.
Yeah, it pretty wild how even trail mix gets adulterated.


Son f Grok said...

From a site called ironically enough. They have amazing things like freeze dried strawberries an blue berries... powdered eggs... all that good stuff.

The SoG

FoodRenegade said...

Man -- What a bugger! I hate how people assume that "healthy" eating involves eating CRAP. That has happened to me more than once. I make my own trail mix of cashews, walnuts, almonds, cacoa nibs, goji berries, and dried berries. It's heavenly!

Dave Clary said...

I'm a couple weeks away from having enough light in the morning to resume my sunrise golf outings on weekends. It's a great way to mimic our hunter-gatherer ancestors. I walk the fairways, carry my clubs, HUNT for my golf ball in the rough, and GATHER the ones I find! :-)