Friday, March 6, 2009

Our paleo way

I'm sure most of you read the blog Free the Animal . But just in case, please read this post.
Here's a little snippet "If you are relying on the local paper, Newsweek, the local and national network news, or Oprah, for valid health and fitness information, you might as well just go read Mother Goose. It is that bad"
Very timely, my buddy SOG posts this.
Both posts really got me thinking about how weird most my friends and co-workers think I am.
I'm living proof of primal living and exercising and yet......
Tying into that, here follows a conversation at work when someone walked into my office as I was eating this
"Hey Marc, what you having for breakfast? Oh some eggs fried in lots of butter, left over sausage and avocado. "Oh, you decided to take a break from your healthy eating I see"
My immediate thought was to say, did you have special K with non fat milk for breakfast? My next thought was to tell her something about how fat is good for you. But none of it came out. My response was "ahhhh yeay" And that was it. It does no good anyway. So I went back to enjoying my yummy breakfast.
I've mentioned it before, but wanted to illustrate with some pictures.
Here's some La Cense Beef.
Look how deeply dark red the color is. It's frozen and is defrosting in my fridge. I will share another picture once defrosted so you can see it better. I get these particular steaks often as they are some of the more affordable cuts they offer. Instead of going out to dinner, treat yourself to some of this. It is absolutely fantastic.
I forgot to link last week, but Food Renegade was doing a La Cense give away.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
PS. Thanks to wonderful blogger software, the links to SOG, Free the animal, lacense and food renegade are broken. (you can see the posts of SOG and Free the animal)


Son of Grok said...

You need to balance that breakfast with some whole grains.... PSHAW!!!!! lol. That breakfast looks pretty darn tasty Mark. You should "take a break from eating 'healthy'" every morning!

The SoG

LivingPrimal said...

It's amazing how those who eat the "traditional" way feel the need to comment on what we eat. Why is that? At least you will maintain your leanness eating "all that unhealthy" stuff, while they won't as they continue to eat the "balanced" way. Great post!

AT22 said...

Someone told me the other day that all that protein is "really not good for you." Whatever.

Did you ever migrate anything to WP?

jumpow said...

Nice post - I get the same thing from people. "Hey you're 40 now, you need to watch your fat intake." "You need more fiber from grains". Blah blah.

I like La Cense but they are very pricey when you look at cost per pound. I assume it's the nice flashy web site and such. I actually tried out a place called Lasaster Grassland Beef for my last order - it turned out much cheaper.

Dave Clary said...


Have you considered getting a hosting plan? I pay something like $59 a year for mine plus another $8 to register my domain. You might be able to find one for less. Then you can use Wordpress and dump Blogspot!

Marc said...

LOL. Wild right?

Thank you and thanks for leaving a comment, I appreciate it.

I'm working on's busy season for me. But will get to it over the next few weeks. Looking to get my own domain.

Thanks Man for the link to Lasaster!!!! It's much much cheaper. I will try the family sampler pack, I think it is great value. Especially compared to questionable grass fed at whole foods. Grass fed ground beef in most places is now up to $7.99 apound. so this is at least 2 bucks per pound cheaper, even more if you buy in quantity. Thanks again. and watch that fat

That is exactly what i'm working on. thank you.


Jeff said...

Great looking breakfast.

I have a local pastured beef place somewhat nearby. My frieds and I are going to do some "cowpooling" and share $1600 worth of grass fed goodness.