Monday, March 22, 2010


Do you at times worry about your choice and execution of eating paleo/ef/primal?
Do you get confused about the information overload at times? There are some extrememly in-depth blogs out there that you likely read right? Do they help you or do they add to your confusion?
In talking with someone over the weekend about "diet", I realised that it causes a tremendous amount of worry for people. Worry=stress, and we certainly do not need any more chronic stress in our lives.

"Quibbling about the details is going to continue indefinitely if for no other reason than that we are no longer a Paleolithic people. Our food supply is different in quality and quantity. Generations of agricultural life have left our genetics not quite in their pristine paleo form any longer. And individual variation resulting from the mish-mash of each of our genetic heritages means that no diet book, not even the sum of all serious paleodiet research, is ever going to be able to tell you whether you would be better off eating your salmon raw, or whether a steamed sweet potato is good for you. Circumstances alter cases and we are all our own experiment in diet and lifestyle"

Mr. Kurt Nieft wrote the above paragraph for a book review. It really expresses how I feel about it all. So let's cover the basics again; processed food sucks and is not actual food, man made sugar is very very bad, corn derivatives are poison, franken oils should be banned substances, in the U.S.the way most animals are raised,treated and processed is simply in-humane and results in an inferior product, organic produce has less chemicals in/on it then regular produce. Have anything to add?

Stick to eating real food, get some variety and let go of the worry.

Fried eggs, cauliflower hashbrowns with bacon and a bit of melted cheese

Dinner; grilled grass fed steak, cucumber salad, grilled shrimp and grilled bokchoy and squash medley.

Yesterday afternoon in my back was blustery before a rain storm, and this cool little friend decided to grace me with his presence. He sat in my neighbors orange tree right on the other side of my hedge. We just looked at each other for a while. Couldn't sense an ounce of "worry" coming from him/her. I don't think he was concerned about the make up of his next meal. ;-)

"Don't worry be happy" B.M.


Natalie said...

Ooh! He's beautiful! Great capture. :) I'll bet he eats organic mouse.

Mark said...

Wonderful post. I couldn't agree more.

Annie said...

I agree. I've been primal for about a month now and one of the things I'm most enjoying about it is the freedom from worrying over everything. There's something about it that has allowed me a general calmness and ability to eat, play, and be happy...slip ups included but without the guilt. Love it!

Marc said...


Organic mouse hehehehe

Thanks. Have you seen Food Inc.?

Good for you!!!
Stick with it, it will change your life for the better.
And good luck with your roadtrip.