Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Turkey Burger Rant

It's official, turkey burgers suck. I mean, give me some ground turkey and I can make some decent taco meat out of it. Or with some red/green curry and coconut milk, I will create a tasty treat. But turkey burgers are another story. It just doesn't seem to matter how creative I get and what ingredients I use, turkey burgers suck ;-)

Take a look;

This  was the start of it, chopped onion, garlic, evoo, green pepper, smoked gouda and a spoon full of salsa verde. Right????
I then added the meat and a couple of tablespoons of potato flakes, and put the burgers in my handy dandy "grill holder"

I chopped up cauliflower, onion, garlic, green pepper (I chopped extra for the burger prep) and a 1/4 of a serrano pepper. In butter saute the onion, garlic, and serrano. Then added in the cauliflower and green pepper.


This is so easy and so tasty, if this isn't part of your kitchen repertoire...add it in immediately ;-)

The turkey burger wasn't over cooked, it was perfectly moist inside. But the bland taste of ground turkey somehow penetrated all the other flavors and eliminated them.
Do you like turkey burgers? Or...share your turkey burger rant ;-)


Garnet said...

About once a month my husband cooks turkey burgers when it's his turn to make dinner. His one and only method of cooking meat is to dredge it (whatever it is)in Progresso breadcrumbs, and then bake the crap out of it in the oven. So, yeah, that's what he does to turkey burgers. Fortunately when I get home from work (@ 8:30pm after a 12 hour day) I'm so hungry I'm so hungry that even a dessicated, crumb covered turkey burger tastes good!

Anonymous said...

marc - I agree... turkey burgers dont cut it; but it is a great substitute in something that has a good red sauce.
-- "your older friend"

Natalie said...

Ground turkey, yes. Otherwise, per burgers, one word for you: camel. At least they brown up nicely.

Alex said...

Totally agree. They suck.

Mark said...

Turkey burgers == suckage

Heather Lackey said...

Turkey burgers are the penance people pay for thinking red-blooded cow burgers are bad for them. I've had them twice. They were miserable.

TrailGrrl said...


Even turkey chili is crap. There is just something WRONG with ground turkey. You can't make a turkey burger palatable, IMO.

Blech. So glad I went back to full-fat ground beef. And now that I've had grass-fed organic meats from the farmers' market, nothing else even has any taste.

Put it right up there with the other low-fat bane of my former existence... EGG WHITES. I hated them as a kid, only wanting the yolk, and I've gotta say, I never learned to like them.

Pork... the other white meat!


Marc said...


That is so funny! Tell him to ditch the progresso crumbs ;-)
Thanks for stopping by...enjoying your writing on your blog.

You are so right. Works perfect in the kids pasta sauce.

Camel burgers...i wonder how many people would refuse to eat that. I would love to try one. Andrew Zimmern (do you get that show?) just had some camel on one of his shows.


Suckage is right. Crazy really...I mean look at the YUM factor I threw at it with my ingredients.

just to clarify I buy ground turkey..not ground turkey breast which you see in the stores mostly. No matter it STILL SUCKS. I buy it cause it's cheap. Even the hormone free stuff. Like $3.99 vs. 7.99 for grass fed beef. I will only get it for the kids red sauce or taco meat.

See my response to Heather. But i so agree with you...suck suck suck ;-)
Funny, even years 15 ago when I was stuck in brown rice land cuz it was good for me (so i thought)...I would see my ex father in law eat those egg beaters...never made much sense to me...even then. Real food is where it's at.


Anonymous said...

Try adding Worchestershire sauce to ground turkey - seems to make it taste more meaty and have more flavor.

Blandy McGee said...


but Im a bigbig fan of the plain.

sign me,

Blandy mcGee

Jay C said...

Raw Kibbee at local Lebanese place last night.


Anna said...

Totally agreed! All the "health food" stores near me tend to offer lots of chicken and turkey options for ground meat, sausage, bacon, hot dogs, & cold cuts, but to me using poultry analogs are skimming the line between fake and real food. Perhaps not quite as blatantly as soy, grain, and mushroom "burgers", etc., but it's still a "pretend" experience.

Unlike good well raised (fed a natural diet, not fed massive quantities of corn, soy, or industrial "chow", pork, beef, bison, venison and so on, can get by simply plain or seasoned with a bit of sea salt & pepper. Plain ground chicken and turkey products need lots of enhancing to fool the tastebuds.

Marc said...


Even the worcester doesn't seem to help. I once had turkey burgers at a friends house who made it with liptons onion soup mix and bbq sauce...they were still bland.

Blandy M,
I know you are a favor of bland ;-)
Do you make them at home?
Have a great weekend MIZ.

As always you are so right!
Now a nice chicken in the crockpot...I'm all over that one.
Hope all is well with you.


jencereghino said...

I'm a buffalo burger fan, myself...

But, I've always been curious about this recipe:


Anonymous said...

Hate turkey burgers! Beef all the way! Or buffalo or elk (had those out in South Dakota last summer). But definitely not turkey. Blah.

Now a nice roasted turkey on Thanksgiving, with the golden brown skin? Mmmm.

Marc said...

The raw kibbe sounds tasty.

I looked up the recipe, but I think it might also fall in the "blah" category. Maybe turkey is to be made in the oven ;-)
Nice site you have and congrats on making the switch. Looks like it is suiting you well. Keep it up.
Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment Jen. Much appreciated

Right on! Yes...a nice juicy turkey owth golden skin out of the oven is divine. 2 thanksgivings ago i made one. Basted it with cilantro butter for hours..it was mouthwatering good (could have been all the added bacon too ;-))
Thanks for stopping by Amy.


GiGi said...

When I make turkey burgers (which isn't very often because I love ostrich, bison, beef, elk & venison burgers better)... I mix them with olive tapenade &/or sun-dried tomatoes & a bit of steamed spinach... works pretty well for me.

Monica said...

Turkey burgers are nasty. They are fit only for the lowfat diet zombies. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I totally disagree with the haters.

Ground turkey + a few heavy dashes of soy sauce (don't be shy) + chopped shallots + dried parsley and black pepper. Grill. I serve them with emmenthaler swiss on top sometimes. They are all kinds of awesome.

Marc said...


I have never tired soy sauce with them, so I will and report back. The ementhaler sounds like it would make it tasty.
Thanks for sharing and commenting.