Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stuffed peppers and Post Work out Snack

I've never been crazy about stuffed peppers or stuffed cabbage, but after reading a recipe post on Mark's Daily Apple I decided to give them a whirl. I did not make it with pork (tough to find quality pork here locally) but with grass fed ground beef instead. My local small peppers are much darker in green color then what you find at the supermarket. (see pic). Made a nice mixture of cauliflower and meat, with plenty of garlic and onions. I was also out of tomato paste, so couldn't add that. It was nice to come home to a wonderful smelling house and a crockpot full of yummy dinner. Well to be quite honest, I re-affirmed that I still don't really like stuffed pepper. It was ok, nothing great. Had a nice salad with it that I was more excited over. The left overs were good though and handy fried up for breakfast with some eggs and butter.

Sorry about the phone pic below, but quickly wanted to share breakfast in my office with you.

 Most of the time after an early morning workout, about 90 minutes later, I CRAVE flavor. Not lots of food, but flavor. So this is a perfect example of the type of small post work out snack I bring along to work in the morning. About a teaspoon and a half of full fat greek yogurt, sliced scallion and celery and one grilled chicken thigh (prior to grilling brush with some tamari, toasted sesame oil, garlic powder and fresh ground pepper) . This approach, is a perfect example to me of our communities cry for self experimentation, trial and error. I have not read much about the "size" of the post work out meal, but for me this is what I have found works best. Have you tried something similiar?

Also a wonderful new link on the right MODERN PALEO
Diane has done a tremendous job putting this together.
Enjoy your day and be nice.


Anonymous said...

I've never liked stuffed peppers either - growing up my mom made them and I always had to gag them down. I recently found a recipe for stuffed zucchini and had enough left over (and an on-hand pepper) to stuff a pepper with - I thought it was SO GOOD! I've made it a few times since and even the kids eat it. I don't know if Jimmy Dean is "quality" pork sausage but it tastes pretty good if that counts LOL :)

Alex said...

In contrast, I have always liked stuffed peppers. I was pretty thrilled when I saw this recipe and made it last weekend. Not impressed. I don't think in a slow cooker is the way to do it. Everything came out mushy and sort of uniformly flavorless. I was thinking about trying steaming them (to cook the pork) then throwing them either on the grill or in a super hot over to blacken the peppers. Either way - I give this recipe a big thumbs down, and glad to see I'm not the only one.

Anonymous said...

Do you read new comments on old posts? Because I wanted to say that I tried making the creamy dressing you described with Greek yogurt thinned with olive oil and it was really good! Well I used my homemade yogurt because couldn't find Greek in the Kroger here (I make it with organic half n half so it comes out really thick and yummy like sour cream and which I *think* is like Greek?). Anyways I also added a bit of dried dill which doesn't taste like anything but it made it look kinda like Hidden Valley Ranch. It was really really good and helped me fix that craving for a creamy salad dressing. Thanks so much!!

Marc said...

That recipe looks a lot better then mine. Thanks for sharing.

Take a look at the link Shanna shared, can easily be primally adjusted...I think I will give it a try.

I sure do ;-) I read all comments, between work and my own continued reading of all the blogs, I sometimes get behind a bit in answering. But saw your comment, laughed at the "crack=ranch" analogy..

So glad to hear you tried the dressing, thanks for sharing. It's what my blog is all about.
If you can get your hands on some fresh herbs...basil or cilantro or parsley, add it to the dressing, it will surprise you with a lot of extra flavor. If no fresh herbs..add some dried oregano, that will kick up the flavor a notch too.
Keep cooking and thanks again for sharing your experiences.


sabrina said...

Those stuffed peppers look absolutely delicious