Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cucumber salad and 5K

I LOVE cucumber. I really could eat it at every meal. Cucmber is like garlic in my house, always in stock.

Sliced cucumber with thinly sliced spring onion, extra virgin olive oil, salt and fresh ground pepper. Simple, quick ans easy.

Going to run a 5K this morning. I've only run that distance once since my mid January half marathon. Instead of running 3.5 miles regularly, I tried something different. I've been running a mile at a 7 minute pace (and slightly under) about 2-3 times a week. Will let you know how it goes. Another thing I'm going to try is to find a few real runners that I know run the 5K in about 22-23 minutes. I'm going to try to just keep up with them. Will let you know how it goes. I do have to play in a small tennis tournament today, so hopefully I won't wear myself out completely for the race. Kids are with mom this weekend, so I get to play ;-)

Remember to smile today.


Natalie said...

Of course I had to comment on the running! (and will try out the cuke salad...they have some good ones heere in the Middle East). What is your "goal" with running? I see it as a tool, and practice whatever I'm going for. Faster: speed intervals. Hills: running on my toes (and dreaded sessions on the treadmill, since it's so flat here.) Distance...have to do the miles. But mostly, I run because it makes me happy and is a total feel good, honest venture, even when it's awful, and it's my choice of social activity. Plus, and you know this one, I have this little cupcake weakness...thus I run, and read your blog! Smiling now. :)

Anonymous said...

I'll be interested to see how the training works out for you at the race! Good luck and have fun!!

Hubs has been trying out an interesting training plan that you may be interested in but I've lost the link. I'll find it and send it over!!

Marc said...


My goal for a 5k is to run it as fast as I can. One day I hope to run it in 19 minutes. Thats really the only goal I have from running. If I run another half, I just want to complete it again, that's all
I like the comraderie of it all for sure. You describe it very honest venture. That's the vibe of all the early mornings so far. there someone in your running group that was born in Hong Kong and lived in Budapest? I saw a lady I knew this morning that told me she started running because her friend that lives in Dubai inspired her. hmmmmm

Thanks! Had fun, 23:52 was time.
See next post for the eetails.
Yea, would love to read that training program.
Let me know. Breakfast tasted really good ;-)

Natalie said...

Whew! That 5K time would be what, nearly a 6 minute mile? Serious zoomage.

You know what? With your attitude and drive I will be watching and waiting with happy anticipation for that post.I believe you can do it.

You might want to look into Fartlek training. It's an oldie but a goodie. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok here is the link I was telling you about. I know it talks about losing body fat which you don't want to do but it focuses on speed work which I thought you'd like!
You can see the program table by clicking the link that's all the way at the bottom of the page.

Marc said...

I will look into the Fartlek training.
I had to run 6 minute miles in college for the soccer team...I was the fastest guy on the team for the fist 10 yards but always deadlast for our mile runs. I never made it under 6:10 much to the dismay of the coach ;-)

Thanks for the link. HIIT is GREAT stuff.