Friday, March 26, 2010

Breakfast and another back yard friend

Cut up some bacon and in a pan fry it to the consistency/crispy-ness you like. Next, add some thin sliced yellow squash and a few scallions. Mix well and serve over some lettuce. Delicious breakfast.

I feel lucky and privilidged that animal friends like this come and visit, and that I get to enjoy seeing them. Trust me, it never gets old seeing a bald eagle in the wild. He/she was pretty high up there, and my zoom lens on my basic camera can only do so much, but wanted to share this one.

Have a great weekend everyone. Tomorrow morning is a organized 5K on the beach here. I will post an update after the race and hopefully a video with some nice beach scenery.


Mark said...

I love birds of prey. We get a lot of hawks around our house. So cool.

Good looking eats!

Natalie said...

Fantastic eagle photo! Don't moments like this make you want to go out and drop a thou on a good camera? (So far I have resisted, but it's difficult!)

Marc said...

Thanks Mark.
Check out today's post. Try it, it's unreal.

I'm getting there...
Don't know if I have time for another hobby right now...