Saturday, March 6, 2010

5K results and Farmers market produce

That was me early this morning. Number 86. It was cold for us warm blooded Floridians. 40 degrees brings out hats,scarves and gloves here. After registering, receiving my number and putting on my timing chip, I went back to my car for a little chilling time with music to stay warm. Under my thin long sleeve t-shirt, I wore one of those Under armor heat gear shirts. You know what? They really work.
As I said in the previous post, I found a real runner (that I know comes in with 22 minute times) to pace me. Eventhough the wind was strong and the cold was felt, I started out real strong and ran my first mile in 7.09, second mile and still right on the heals of the real runner, 7.11. And then.....I didn't want to run anymore ;-) It was a weird (and new) feeling, I wasn't particularly tired and felt no discomfort but my mind acted up like a baby and whined "I don't wanna run anymore" I actually stopped and took about 20 walking steps. Then tried to kick myself in the ass as best I could and got motoring. Don't know wether it was the cold air on my lungs or my baby mind, but I didn't have my usual sprint mode for the last 200 yards (listen to me..."usual" this is only my 3rd race ;-) ) going.
Came in at 23.52 results are here if you want to see. Decent time improvement from the last one in December at 24:30. Next 5k is later this month and the run is on the beach. That should be fun and I will bring video camera along to capture some beach scenes. Hopefully it will actually be warm again in Florida by then.

Take a look at this locally grown organic red leaf lettuce;

It's just tremendous compared to the store bought variety. Great color and full of amazing flavor.

Enjoy the weekend...time for some tennis in a few.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you explained what that was a picture of, I thought it was animal innards or something at first! EWW!

I wish my brain was less of a baby more of a time; it's always whining at me!! :) Great time!

Anonymous said...
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Natalie said...

Hey Mark! Congrats on your third. :) The brain is amazing at coming up with excuses to stop running, which is why the treadmill is my version of personal hell. (yes, I would rather run in 90% humidity and 112 degrees. This is a proven fact.)

As I understand it, the truly great distance runners are able to turn off most of their brains and just GO. (and go and go and go)Great job on kicking your own ass and getting going again. THAT is greatness.

Andy's Blog said...


Congratulations. That's not only good showing improvement, but I always felt have an upcoming race scheduled kept me focussed and motivated in training.

Regarding training, I've been doing mostly sprint intervals all year and am interested in seeing how my 5k treadmill time is doing. Last year it actually showed improvement doing that.

Yummy said...

Congrats on the 5K! :) 40 degrees!? BRRR!

Marc said...

Just lettuce ;-)

Funny thing that brain isn't it?
Thank you.

My ipod helps when my brain gets too loud...

I have not trained a lot, but I feel the short fast runs worked and with out the wear and tear.
You still tearing it up in the gym?

Thank you ;-)
I know right? 40 is not for me's been a very strange winter here.


Andy's Blog said...

Hey Marc, I do believe the intervals work and less wear as you state. Gym and blog time are in a valley right now, mostly due to consecutive critical work demands. But that is past and time to get back in the game.