Sunday, March 28, 2010

5K,Dinner and link love

PHEW!! That's what I have to say about Saturday mornings early 5K race on the beach.
It was a beautiful morning and the start of the race at 7:30 coincided perfectly with the sun coming up.
Due to the high tide, the "hard sand" close to the water was minimal. With ipod shuffle prepped, I took off really fast. I had every intention of running this race fast. I wanted to run it in 23 minutes or under. I should have paid attention to the pre race talk I over heard, that the winning times come in around 19 minutes. That's 3-4 minutes slower then normal finishing times at the local 5K's. It should have clued me in.......

They basically laid out a 5K loop for us to run. After the first 1/4 mile, I saw that we had to climb over the rocks that now cover the old drainage/run off pipes going into the gulf of mexico. A little bouldering on the beach...well not quite but you get the picture. After the first mile it was time for the turn and we went back where we came from. The sand was so churned up from us, that hitting it again felt like running in quicksand. I don't know how many people sprained or twisted their ankles, but I was never happier to be wearing my VFF. I was the only one wearing those by the way, which I found interesting, because if there ever was an opportunity for people to try them for a run, I assuming the beach would be perfect. Also, there was no one that ran barefoot. I had expected to see a few people doing that but alas.
The quicksand, obstacles and stop and go, made this a tough race. I enjoyed it a lot. I know I had promised some video footage, but it was just to dark in the morning to pull it off. My time 26:37.  Exactly 3 minutes below normal pace.

Grilled grass fed ground beef with onion, garlic,cilantro and a mediteranean spice mix. I just made a pound of beef into a freakishly large patty, easy to prep up and great for leftovers. Steamed broccoli with butter and lemon juice. Cucumber salad with tahini, cilantro and parsley. Couldn't locate my camera, hence the crappy phone pic.

Don't know if many of you have ever seen this blog called The Lean Saloon. Johnny is a shining example of putting it all together for themselves. Proof in the pudding. Just check out his pics.


Natalie said...

Not bad! Not bad at all! Great job, Marc.

(I want to get a pair of those nifty foot thingies, just to give them a try...may have to have someone bring them from the States.)

I love the bouldering of your get back to nature race! Awesome.

Johnny at The Lean Saloon said...

Running in the sand is heck of a good workout. On my visit to Del Mar, California, we did some sprinting in the sand at Swami's Beach (next to the Self-Realization Fellowship Center).

I don't have the VFF but I have been running barefooted in the grass park near my home and on the treadmill. It's entirely different running mechanics. Feels much better, the development to the calves far better than donkey calf-raises.


Marc said...

They are just the coolest foot thingie you have ever seen ;-)
They are awesome!

Wish I could have filmed some.

My parents used to live right near DelMar. I know exactly where Swami beach is. If you are stil there, DelMar has some good restaurants too. Great drive from your area. enjoyed your post.


Andy's Blog said...


Wow, you are really hammering out those 5k's. Don't worry about the time too much on that course. You'll always get a few of those where it is challenging. Just view it as practice for the next one. Been thinking that I've been too infrequent in my races. Time to get back on it.

Marc said...


I'm running 1 race a month.
April 11th, I'm going to run a 10k.
Don't do much running besides from that. Some sprinting and walking but that's pretty much it. Race days are fun...


imad zeidan said...

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