Thursday, March 25, 2010

Try a Little Tenderness

I LOVE music, so of course when I wanted to share with you a little tip for "tenderizing" tougher cuts of meat...
Otis Redding sang it so good, but I've always been really taken by the The Commitments rendition.
If you love music, and have not seen the movie, please plan yourself a nice weekend night with your significant other, a nice bottle of wine perhaps, put the feet up and watch the movie.
Here's a sample

Do you ever boil your tougher cuts of meat?
Cut your beef into bite sized pieces, bring some water to a boil and let the meat boil for a few minutes. You have to monitor it, because you can overdo it and you'll end up with shoe leather.

Now you can quickly saute it up with your choice of fat and impart any flavor you like. It's an easy and quick way to tenderize your meat and you will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.


AT22 said...

What kind of cuts do you do this with?

Marc said...

The kind of cuts that would otherwise need simmering for hours to get to the right "tenderness"
Eye of round works well with this.


Mark said...

I usually just crock pot tough cuts but this is kind of interesting.