Thursday, March 18, 2010

Don't Fear the Fat

I hope that if you made the primal/paleo/EF switch recently, you are now the proud new owner of Mark Sisson's book the Primal Blue Print (I believe it made it to number 2 on Amazon yesterday)
The book is a perfect starting point and will help you get going without becoming confused about all the details. The only advice I have to add is; don't be afraid of fat. Fat is an integral part for the succes of your efforts.

Here's my quick lunch from yesterday;

One avocado drizzled with evoo and fresh ground pepper. Sliced cucumber with evoo and balsamic. Smoked sockeye salmon quickly (and 3 thin slices of a hot pepper) heated up in butter.
Not a ton of food, but filling and satisfying because of the fat.

This weekend I will have some time to shoot and upload another video.
Is there some specific recipe or ingredients you all would like to see? 
Something you are perhaps not familiar with but would like to try?
Let me know.

Something to ponder for the day...
We all try to eat healthier, exercise, sleep better, argue about what aproach is best, walk more, love more, be more patient, be productive,  etc etc...this got me thinking about something I read years ago from Bernie Siegel;

“It takes more distress and poison to kill someone who has peace of mind and loves life.”

Loving life brings with it peace of mind...ENJOY your day ;-)


Jeff said...

Hey Marc,

Smked Salmon looks great. We brought $300 worth back from Seattle while we were there. Love it.

I agree with you some on the fat. Only danger is overconsuming fat(not that you were saying to do that...) and getting in much more calories than you think. Fat, particularly in liquid form, is very easy to take too much in. A calorie isn't a calorie completely but that doesn't mean that you can take in all the fat you want and maintain a good body comp.

Just my 2 cents.


Marc said...

That is an excellent point, and I'm going to do a post to clarify your point more to people.

Enjoy that salmon...I'm a tad jealous ;-)

Good luck with the move...exciting stuff!


jencereghino said...

I'm looking forward to reading your next post on fat. This has been an especially hard point for me to drive, with my women friends. I eat avocados, walnuts, salmon, coconut...and have never felt better! Once I started incorporating more fat into my once low fat diet, I started to really lean up, build muscle, and increase my endurance. And, yes, as Jeff reiterates, the amount of fat we all intake is going to be determined by, most importantly, the type of fat we're consuming, our size, activity level...but, with that being said...fat doesn't make you fat, so don't be afraid.

Looking forward to your next post!

jencereghino said...

As far as a recipe is concerned, I would be curious about any of the following:

1. A new, creative Chicken recipe would always be welcome in this house

2. Duck and a side dish that you might serve with it (I've never prepared duck, but have been wanting to)

3. An alternative to traditional pasta salad or tabouleh (using no grains, beans, or legumes)

4. A dip for veggies (using no dairy, beans, or legumes), that is not baba ghanoush

Just throwing out a few ideas. I'm looking forward to seeing what you concoct!


Marc said...


Love me some avocados!!!
jeff has a very good point about liquid evoo. Easy to over do it.

Thanks for the suggestions, I will devote my post and video to you, as you were the only one with suggestions ;-)

The only thing I can't do is duck, because I simply can't find any quality duck around here.

Have you ever tried zucchini hummus??
Here's a link to an old post.
You can jazz it up with roasted red pepper. Careful with this's too good ;-)

I'm stumped on the pasta salad..but i'm going to give it some thought.

Did you see my video of the easy chicken recipe. Got lots more of those. Will share some more.
Thanks Jen.