Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Re-motivated ;-) (is that a word?)

Thanks to a really nice comment from a reader I'm re-motivated to keep posting.
If any of you are ever interested in recipes, please feel free to email me or look on Mark Stisson blog, I usually post there with some thoughts and recipes that seem to get received well.
Thank you again anonymous poster ;-)

Breakfast; Scrambled eggs with some fruit. grapes, melon and pineapple.
Lunch; 4 small meatballs with some raw asparagus stalks.
Dinner will be some left over rotisserie chicken, with some sauteed/braised cabbage.


Chris said...

I'd agree with the anonymous poster - I enjoy reading your posts. They are intersting, motivating and inspiring.

Thanks for putting them up here.


Marc said...

Thank you Chris.
Much appreciated.

How are you coming along with your healthy eating?


Chris said...

Hi there

my diet is going Ok although I have a little more dairy and probably more animal fat than you do. I've also been experimenting more with intermittent fasting recently - on a sort of fast in the day, eat at the evenign model - with is fairly easy to do if you are busy during the day. I've leaned out a bit more as a result.

Marc said...

Since I dont update as regularly as I would like, some of my animal fat intake is missing from time to time. I do consume a good amount of it. Lately the grass fed beef has been a staple as well as chicken and turkey. As to dairy, I really only eat organic or european butter and some organic half and half in my coffee. Sometimes some greek yogurt made as a greek tzatziki dressing. (cucumber and garlic)
I think the intermittent fasting is very positive, per my reading of Devany's research. Let's face it.....most of us eat way too much, and that includes me also.
When eating through-out the day portion control is really key.
Glad to hear your sticking with it.