Friday, August 24, 2007

Give me your thoughts please......

I'm thinking about opening up an eatery/restaurant.
I love to cook, I enjoy turning people on to "feel-good-eating".
Do you think there would be a market for a place like that? A place were you can come in and get REAL food. I believe in the US. many people want to make the change, but are short on time. Would loe to hear any input or thoughts.

Some baby carrots, some celery with some hummus.

Lunch; 1/4 rotisserie chicken with some steamed veggies.


Heather said...

I think it depends on where you live and how many people there are in the "healthy" mentality. I happen to live in a small town that straddles the border of VA & WV, and we are extremely limited. We haven't got a single non-chain or upscale restaurant. Heck, we don't even have stuff like Taco Bell & Target.

I constantly bemoan the lack of anything decent to eat. We can't ever decide where to go because every place is boring & unhealthy. If someone opened a restaurant like you're suggesting, I would eat there, probably exclusively.

The worst thing is I feel like there probably IS a market for such a place in this area, we have THOUSANDS of people, many (most?) of them elderly & obese, and everyone here is faced with the same lack of options I am. Do we just not go out? Or give in and eat the garbage that's served everywhere? Most people (even me, but no longer!) just acclimate and some seem to be addicted to eating.

There are people who want to do better, and would support a healthy restaurant. I do see fit, young people around, especially at the gym, and know they must be as frustrated as I am with the state of things here.

Anyways, sorry to go on like that, just giving my personal experience & opinion on the subject. Keep us posted if you do go through with it. :)

Heather (Formerly Anonymous)

P.S. Is there a forum for this kind of discussion (EvFit, that is)? I would love to find like-minded people to chat with about it, but have no idea where to look.

Marc said...

Hi Heather,
Thank you so much for that feedback. That's exactly what I was looking for ;-)

I agree, it would depend on what area and what would al ready be available in the area. Were I live for example, (south Florida) people are for sure a little more health conscious, although a large percentage of people here smoke.
But I still see many people eating "garbage food". One of the most popular new places in town is called "Five Guys". They serve burgers and fries. That's it. nothing else. And they are always busy. But I think a good amount of people look for "real food". Many are just short on time and motivation in regards to preparing.
I think it's great that you are sticking to your eating EVF ways, I know how tough it is when the choices are limited. Thank you so much for reading my blog. I do not know of a forum for EVF, but one website with forum that I like (and maybe you have gone there al ready)is
If you ever have any questions or want recipes/eating or support ideas just email me ok?
Thanks Heather.