Monday, August 20, 2007


Well, I guess you only turn 40 once. To say the least I did not eat too well over the weekend.
Actually, the eating was not all that bad. Shrimp kabobs, chicken kabobs that I made for my party. I stuck my hand in a few chip bowls here and there. Had salads and GASP, a few slices of pizza with my kids. Since all that stuff didn't make me feel too great, I thought drinking copious amounts of delicious rum punch would make the feelings go-away. And, it did!!! Until this morning ;-)
Had enough sugar intake in the form of alcohol, to last me till my next birthay. But like I always say, you've got to enjoy yourself. And sometimes having a few to many drinkies won't kill you.
This is to me the same as the whole food issue. Having a slice of pizza once every six months is no big deal! (although the less you do it, the harder it seems to hit your system)
But eating pizza 3 times a week (many people do) and eating chips and hoho's and twinkies and ring-dings and just plain crap processed foods everyday will become a serious problem for you.
So don't beat yourself up, when on occasion you do not eat right. If you are making a serious effort and sticking with it most of the time, you are way way way ahead of the curve.
So; back to food.

Some almonds, some scrambled tempeh with veggies. Just cut up some different veggies, saute them, cube the tempeh and cook for a bit with them veggies. Total prep and cook time was 11 minutes.

Lunch; lettuce, tomato, cucumber and grilled chicken.

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