Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nike says it best....."Just do it"

You know, it really is just a matter of doing it.
Last night I went home, and after several times of opening and closing the fridge, hoping miraculously something would just manifest itself, I threw left overs together for an amazing meal.
Sauteed garlic, onions, green pepper, bok choy and spinach. Cut up a piece of grilled left over rib-eye in bite sized pieces. Mixed it all together. It was awesome and chock full of green goodness. Cup of chamomile tea before sleep with a book made for one wonderful evening.

Breakfast; same problem as dinner, not a full fridge to work with.
Sweet potato boiled topped with some olive oil and sea-salt. Cubed tempeh with onion, garlic and green pepper done in some olive oil.

Would you all like to see more pictures? Or are my cryptic descriptions clear enough? I grew up in Europe, so my English composition is not what it needs to be at times. (Holland, Amsterdam. in case you are curious)


Heather said...

Yes, pictures please! Your descriptions are fine, very clear. But pictures are fun. :)

Thanks for the Mark's Daily Apple link. I had been reading it, but never took the time to read comments & didn't realize there was a forum. I'm leaving in the morning for a week long vacation, but I'll be checking it out as soon as I get back.

I think this vacation is our last time we're eating "bad", although we'll still be trying to eat as well as possible. I get the idea that my husband is ready to really do this since he's been trying to "use up" the stuff like rice, potatoes & bread while still cooking the meat & veggies I ask for. I sent him De Vany's link, dunno how much he's read though.

He's also been looking into Chantix to stop smoking once we get back, so perhaps this is really the time that we'll get healthy & stay there. Thanks for the inspiration with your blog, and the link to a forum with like-minded people. See ya next week! :)

Marc said...

Have a wonderful vacation.
Enjoy it, they don't come often enough ;-)