Thursday, August 23, 2007

Are you having fun????

What do you guys do to body movement wise to have fun??
I played soccer yesterday for about 90 minutes. I played in College and on a semi-pro team after that. But have Not played in 15 years. Yesterday, I felt like a kid playing, and having fun.
Stay active and keep the kid mindset!

Breakfast; some thin sliced grass fed strip steak, sauteed very quickly in some olive oil and garlic. (this takes 90 seconds) Removed the steak and tossed in some cut up asparagus and sugar snap peas. Also only about 90 seconds. 1 large stalk of celery.
Lisa will have this for dinner. Her breakfast consisted of 2 scrambled eggs with 2 celery stalks.

Lunch for Lisa will be salad with some grilled chicken.
I will spend some time outside in the heat today, so prepped up a lunch of almonds and a nice juicy organic plum.

Dinner consisted of 4 meatballs, some celery, some salad.
Had a huge sugar craving after dinner for some reason; So had some pineapple and mango juice. Really quenched that craving.


Chris said...

You would be interested in yesterday's post on my blog

My own activity: lots of walking and a couple of gym sessions per week which will include weights and intervals. Then lots of hillwalking at weekends if the weather is OK

Marc said...

Hope you saw my comment on your blog.
Thanks letting me know you have one. I enjoyed the content very much.
Walking is good!
According to my teacher in Japan, natures perfect exercise. He's 75 and walks almost 3 hours everyday.
You couldn't keep up with him, he walks very fast.