Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What's in your fridge?

When your fridge is full of "Feel Good Eating" choices, you end up throwing things together you would have never thought of.
Like this one above;
Celery, radishes, thin sliced raw asparagus, green olives, yellow onion and salami. Drizzled with some EVOO.
This was one delicious refreshing little salad. (salami, I really like the Applegate farms brand, very tasty and no crazy ingredients.)

Finances are a little tougher for all, food prices keep climbing, in comes grass fed flank steak.
This cut seems to fall out of favor with many that can actually afford grass fed beef these days.
So it ends up being priced low....right in line with conventional beef.
It just takes a little prep to make this steak worth it's weight in gold!

Marinate flank steak over night and grill it.

To marinade; cut a few "lines" in the steak so that the marinade can really get in there.
Orange juice, evoo, worchester sauce, garlic....lots of garlic, cumin, coriander, mustard powder, chili powder (Sarena, you don't have to add this one :-) )
Now the trick to grill flank steak right goes something like this; get your grill HOT!
Put the steak on direct heat, and get it nice and seared on both sides.
Take of direct heat, close the lid and let it cook through. Remember grass fed doesn't take as long due to less fat content. Let it sit for at least 10 minutes.....slice thin and enjoy.
This 1.5 pound cut takes about 10 minutes to grill.



sarena said...

Thanks for thinking of me. Hey there is hope yet:

Marc said...

Thanks for the link.
Very interesting article.


sarena said...

Well I tried the whatever is in the frige/cupboard route this morning/afternoon for my 1st meal (1sh)
Can of wild red salmon, a bit of chopped red onion, some lemon juice, some tehina--mix well
Place in nori sheet, top w/ romaine lettuce and shmear some stoneground mustard on edges to seal!! It was good too:-)

GroundedFitness said...

wow, that salad sounds delicious. it reminds m of an antipasta i used to get from an italian restaurant as a kid.

Kelly Turner

Marc said...

Awesome hand roll!!!!
Where do you buy your Nori??

Thank you for stopping by.
Thanks for that comment....I just now realised that it was a type of antipasto salad ;-)
I look forward to taking a look at your blog.
Have a great day!


sarena said...

I use whatever I find locally--sometime Eden, sometimes the Mitoku brand. Dunno, not particular on that!

great weekend to you as well:-)