Monday, October 27, 2008

Sharing is Caring ;-)

There are many great blogs out there. I so enjoy reading them and incorporating recipes, workouts, thoughts ,ideas, etc. It's people sharing with each other and good things come from sharing (except when you're in kinder garden).Thanks to Debs great blog , I made the Thai coconut soup she shared.It was absolutely fantastic. The only change I made to it was some ground beef with a little coconut oil at the start of making it and I added some fresh okra at the end also.In case you don't have fish sauce....or can't stomach the smell ;-) the recipe will still come together. (My kids refuse to taste the soup, as they saw the splash of fish sauce added.) The kefir lime leaves are essential to get that authentic taste.Take a look at Deb's blog for a great picture also.

Lox, eggs, and onions.A little spin on an old favorite of mine (I used to eat it in NYC all the time)
(oh great blogger spirit...please let me upload my pictures.....I'll post the pic when my prayer has been answered) Not day later ;-)

2 boiled eggs, wild smoked salmon, red onion and a few capers.

Enjoy the Day!


Debs said...

Thanks for the shout out! I'm glad yours came out well too. Coconut oil and beef do go well together.

Food Is Love/Seattle Local Food

Marc said...

I'm telling you...the soup was awesome. Thank you again and hope you're feeling better!