Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Break Fast and a question

Easy one;
Lamb, garlic and mint sausage. Plum and apple.
For all you readers of Art D's site, have you noticed that his breakfast pictures are always fruit and protein? (I never spot a veggie) I wonder if there is something to that. I will ask him and let you know if I find out anything. Any of you have any insight on that one?

So does our EF/Paleo way of eating really bring results? Does it really make a difference?

Take a look at my friends blog Mr. Dave C.

Dave has been reading my blog form day one and his insights are always right on and has become a "virtual" friend in the process. Look what he has done changing his eating habits. CONGRATS DAVE!!!!!

ENJOY your day everyone!


sarena said...

Sweet job Dave!

Interesting thoughts about the fruits vs veggies in the am!! I wonder as well especially as I think fruits are prob not good for me in morning and would spike my blood sugar.

I just ate some leftovers--warmed in coconut oil no less. Lemon sole (baked with crumbs of toasted ses oil, garlic gomasio and ground flax seeds, hard boiled eggs, and watercress salad (wild watercress, red onion, green olives, light dressing of a little mac nut oil and mayer lemon). Delicious especially before a fast tonight.

But I am a bit concerned too as I am sick and not sure what is going on!! Actually even went to MD yesterday for blood work!! Posted more on my blog...

Marc said...

Good luck with that.
Don't fret (pre-worry) and slow it down a little. ;-)

Good luck with your fast tonight and tomorrow.


MizFit said...

easy way to eat? no (IMO. lottsa planning)

work? YES (thanks for the link...hadnt seen him before)