Friday, October 17, 2008

Combining cuisine's and cultures

I like figuring out how I can combine and exchange flavors from different countries and cultures.
An example is break fast this morning.
Years ago, I used to eat regularly at an amazing sushi restaurant. Being a regular customer, they would serve you a complimentary little dish when you sat down.
It was raw salmon, thinly sliced cucumber, scallion and a splash of soy and toasted sesame oil and sesame seeds. It was AMAZING.

Good fresh raw salmon is hard to come by here and toasted sesame oil I don't really indulge in anymore, and soy sauce is an occasional indulgence. (to salt for my tastes these days)
So here's my recipe now;
Smoked salmon loin cut up in bite size pieces, diced cucumber, scallion and some tehina.
Mix together gently.

I do enjoy my raw fish and find some nice ahi tuna here from time to time. I think I wrote before that I often buy the frozen piece to save on cost, it's really very good especially made into a nice tartare. Simple and quick; tuna, cucumber, scallion, pepper, soy/tamari sauce

Have a great weekend some, grill some and do something exhilarating!


sarena said...

Hey glad the pic thing is working for ya! Enjoy and you too have an awesome weekend!

Son of Grok said...

This looks good. I think I might try something similar but with lime too!

Naomi Kooiker said...

Oh Mark you reminded me that I have to try sushi sometime.. I've honestly never had it!


Marc said...


Pretty problem free lately. Thank goodness. ;-)

I will try the lime next time.
This also works with salmon by the way. If you can find some good sushi grade.

You're in San's a good place to try it.
although you will want rice for you ;-)
Great post on your blog!