Monday, October 20, 2008

Make it a great week!

Commit to making this a great week!
Get your workouts in, eat the way you know you should, be nice to people all week (tough one but try it ;-) ) and just will yourself to be happy no matter what. See how you feel come Friday.
Here' something so tasty and HEALTHY.
For breakfast, besides two hard boiled eggs and 4 strips of bacon (Applegate farms)
I had some strawberries with a small tspn of coconut oil. Just mix it together gently.
The flavor is amazing. Try this Nutiva brand if you like a lot of coconut flavor.

Has anyone tried the "300 work out" from my last post?

Have a great week!


Dave Clary said...

I could spend a year with Twight and still not be able to do that 300 workout!! :-)

Did you buy that oil locally or mail order?


Marc said...

Hey Dave,
LOL, yes that 300 work can be pretty tough. My friend wanted to try it, but he can't really do pull ups. So he does heavy lat pull downs.

The Nutiva C.O. I get at a local healthfood store, I walked into Whole foods the other day and did NOT see it there.
I own a "shopping portal" that gives me discounts and I can get it there also. Let me know if you would like the link. It really has one of the best flavors out of any that I've tried. Maybe even to strong for some dishes. But if you want the flavor, this is the one to get.


carla said...

Random thought after our 'conversation' yesterday.

And bear in mind I'm thinking Jan 09.

No rush.

Would you wanna do a guest post on the whole single dad/role model for your girl with regards to healthy living??

Just ponder....


Marc said...


Yes....with your guidance.

Check your email later this morning for some thoughts and questions.


Bill said...

have you found out why Art eats fruit with just his breakfast.


Marc said...

Hi Bill,

No, I have not found out yet.
He has not responded yet.
And to clarify, I think he has fruit some other times too, but...
he 99% of the time mixes his morning protein with fruit.
I'll let you know when I hear something.


Son of Grok said...

I have not yet tried the 300 workout. I did add it to the queue of future workouts though!I have to figure out what I am going to use for the box jumps though as I don't really have a ft ledge lying around anywhere to use :-/

Marc said...


try it, it's fun ;-)
Like I said earlier, the floor sweepers are intense.


Marc said...


try it, it's fun ;-)
Like I said earlier, the floor sweepers are intense.


Jay C said...

Nice job on the 300, and as always, great food pic's.

Chow On and Eat More Pork, it's just not for Breakfast.

Marc said...

Thanks Jay.
I like that 300 ;-)
Can you share similiar wokr outs that you might do??

Pork, made ribs last week.
Did you ever try my sauce with coffee and Jack Daniels? It's outrages.

Chowing on ;-)

Debs said...

I use that coconut oil for a lot of things, but I'd never thought of putting it on fruit. I'll have to try that!

I use it a lot in Thai cooking. For fried rice, it's a much healthier oil than the refined vegetable oil usually used in Thai cooking.

Food Is Love/Seattle Local Food

Marc said...


It makes fruit taste so good!!!
This morning I had it schmeared on some pear and red grapes.
I get really hungry sometimes after my workouts, and the extra (good) fat from the oil is really satisfying.
Have a great day.

Adam said...

We just tried this last night. I melted a couple teaspoons of the Nutiva coconut oil in the microwave, coated fresh sliced strawberries, blueberries, and sliced banana, tossed gently, and put the mix in the freezer for about 30 minutes. What a delicious frozen treat!

Marc said...

That is just perfect!
Thanks for visiting.