Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"Feel Good Moving"

Take a look at "The IF Life" or "Jays' Stuff". It has a wonderful post about Jack Lalanne.
I won't rehash it, but he has always said exercise is king.
You must move your body daily.
I look at my contemporaries and I'm shocked and sad. Most of them can't do anything physical.
And these are guys that used to be good even great athletes. But when you have not sprinted in 15-20 years, it doesn't exactly feel good when you try and do it now.

Just like feel good eating, keep it simple and start slowly with change. I know that many start feeling very different after 14 days of eating real whole foods. Exercise takes even less time.
You will feel a difference with in 7 days. When you have not exercised in years, here's my simple plan to get you motivated and to get your body to "Feel Good Moving"
This plan does not require a gym or any equipment, so NO excuses. I am not an MD. nor a personal trainer, so if you have not moved in a while, check with your MD so that you don't put yourself in any danger.

Day 1: Walk for 30 minutes

Day 2: Walk for 30 minutes

Day 3: Walk for 30 minutes. During the walk, stop every five minutes and do jumping jacks for 20 seconds. Make sure you are done with them before last 5 minutes of your walk.

Day4: Walk for 35 minutes. During the walk, for 30 seconds I want you to alternately raise your knees as high as you can. Again you will do this 5 times during the duration of the walk. Same as above not during the last 5 minutes

Day 5: Walk for 20 minutes. I want you to smile for at least 10 minutes of the walk. And be proud of yourself that you have walked for an entire work week.

Day 6: Walk for 45 minutes. During the walk you will do your 20 second jumping jacks 5 times and the knee raises 5 times for 30 seconds. Do not do them right after another. (e.g. jumping jacks, walk 90 sec. then knee raises)

Day 7: Walk for 35 minutes and take notice how nice it is to be outside.

If you hold to this, I would like to know how you feel after a week.
This is a great way to start moving again, if you have been sedentary for too long.

Back to food ;-)

Chicken jalapeno sausage, celery, shredded spinach, some yellow and red pepper, scallion, 1 tbsp coconut oil (nightshade shunners, leave out the pepper, I just threw it in cause I had a tiny bit left). Quick and easy.

picture to know.....when blogger lets me ;-) (20 minutes later......there we go)

Have a great day!!!!


sarena said...

So sweet to mention leaving out the peppers for us nightshade avoiders!! Hey did you forget about jalapeno??? ....ok I am teasing ya a bit!

Marc said...

Forgot about that.
You're allowed to tease ;-)

Question for you;
Don't they say that the "capscin" in spicy peppers have good health benefits?


sarena said...

And I have heard that too and sometimes feel conflicted. Not sure how to answer that one, although I hear capsicum is good at topical relief! Thats all for now....

Jay C said...


Thanks for the plug.
Have a super weekend.

BTW, picking up 240lb of pig tomorrow, yeeee haaaaa..


Naomi said...

Marc, you know I really miss reading your blog! At home I checked it every single day, and now I don't spend much time on the net- you're the only one from my regular list I've checked since I flew to the US. I missed it.

The hills in SF are actually killing me- so what I think people should do who think they can't afford good nutrition and a gym-pass is to just sell their fucking car and not keep any food in the house- tadaa problem solved.

Sorry gotta hurry along, so much to do and see ;)
Oh! I did see the cheese cake factory but it wasnt very appealing- maybe some other time. Thanks for that tip though, it sure is a sight!

Marc said...

Too funny!!!
Keep's good for you :-)

Thank you for reading, I'll keep posting a lot over the next weeks so you have something to read ;-)

The Cheese cake factory SUCKS!!!
I just wanted you to see it, because the menu is like a book.
I've never seen portions that big anywhere or the amount of choices.
One time I was there for a business lunch and I ordered a shrimp,bacon,lettuce sandwhich. I ate the bacon, shrimp and lettuce and it was a mountain of food.
Hey? Did you get you a cross fit gm yet?

Wow. Guess there will be some grilling going on????? ;-)
Did you ever try my rib recipe?

Marc said...
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