Monday, June 2, 2008

Running on empty.......

There are good reads out there, talking about exercising when hungry.
If you have not clicked on the link for "the IF Life" on the right please do.
MikeOD is one of if not my favorite bloggers/writers that makes complicated issues simple to understand. He writes with great clarity and flow. He advocates exercising when hungry also.
When I workout in the morning I always do on an empty stomach. The more I started thinking about, I came to the conclusion that our hunter gatherer forefathers, probably ran their ass off to grab that deer or turkey with out any food in their systems. No gatorade or jelly packs for them either. So with that thought, I decided to experiment.

Last Saturday I had my semi-finals tennis match at 10:00 in the morning. In the past I would have had and early morning breakfast of eggs (made with a good amount of butter ) and fruit to provide me with energy for a match like that. Not this time. I also adopted another idea from MikeOD (see ) and indulged in a nice big cup of espresso about 30 minutes prior to the match. I did bring some grapes and blueberries in case I felt my energy running out or in case of a long match a pick me up. ( I imagined a hunter from long ago chasing his prey and grabbing a berry along the way on his hunt)
Well I can tell you this, the match lasted 2 hours and 40 minutes. I was sharper and more focused then I have ever been. My legs seemed faster then normal and I felt no fatigue at any time. After the match (about 50 minutes later) I ate a nice larger helping of grilled ground beef and veggies, with....a well deserved ice cold corona.

Breakfast/lunch this morning;
Asparagus, onion, garlic, and pieces of grass fed rib-eye. All sauteed in some spicy avocado oil and butter.

Little bit of meat.......lots of asparagus. I let the meat cook slowly with the heat from the asparagus,onions and garlic. Grass fed beef stays juicy this way.


Dave Clary said...

Well--did you win?? :-)

When I used to race a lot of 10Ks, I always had a large cup of coffee about 30-60 minutes before the race and nothing else. I play racquetball twice a week around 11-30 am. I'm a bit apprehensive about playing a match without eating anything that morning, but I may give it a try.

sarena said...

Food looks good. Been busy soaking up my time with the new baby so little blogging and basically no fitness. Well, I also had a minor procedure done last week and while cleared to lift, I am still feeling a bit weird:(

Marc said...

I did not win. But earned some respect, which almost felt as good as the win. If you would like to read a write up of the match, check out this site

I think you're 11:30 might be on the late side to not eat. But maybe try just some berries and nuts earlier in the morning.
Interesting to hear about the coffee. It sure worked for me.

I hope your little issue passes quickly. But....maybe it's natures way of saying "hold off on that stuff for now and enjoy the baby" ;-)
Which I know you've been doing.
A break is good'll come back roaring!