Thursday, June 5, 2008

"The empty cup"

We have all heard the story about the Asian master explaining this to his student.
It's one to remember ourselves. We get trapped in our routines and before you know it; you're little cup is full and you defend your own ways.
I try to keep my cup very empty. Never to old to learn and willing to try new things all the time.

Again; another great post on the IF Life "Trainer tells all" by MikeOD. Check it out! I asked him a question about squats and I will take his advice and change My ways (empty cup).
Anywho back to food ;-)
Red cabbage slaw with boiled egg. (some vegenaise and avocado chili oil, fresh ground pepper)
For some reason red cabbage makes me feel terrific.


sarena said...

Hey that sounds interested--your meal that is!! Do you ever make your own mayo? i love it but dont do it too often. But that said, I wouldnt touch other mayo or vegenaise:)

Marc said...

I do make my own mayo sometimes. not often enough ;-(
Hope you're feeling better!!!