Thursday, June 19, 2008

Quick and Easy

I'll keep saying it ;-)
So try this one and let me know how you made out.

Ground chicken sauteed in coconut oil with some garlic and spicy pepper relish. Added some spinach at the end. Cucumber with a splash of evoo. Fresh scallion sprinkled on top. If you happen to have some coconut milk, simmer the chicken in it for about 20 minutes on low heat. Mine is the quick version ;-)

The spicy pepper relish I use is homemade. It's easy and you can use it for so many recipes. I will show you again in the next week or so how to make it, as I am running out. Per Chris's comment from Conditioning Research, I will do a post on how I came to eat this way.

Chris, thank you for your nice post and write up about FeelGoodEating on your blog.


Chris said...

Marc - that is OK. Did it bring any traffic?

Qustion - EVOO = extra virgin olive oil?

Marc said...

It sure did!!!! ;-)
Thanks again.
Yes, evoo, extra virgin olive oil.

And remember to cheer extra loud on Saturday for the orange machine ;-)

sarena said...

Great minds think alike again:-)
I just prepped dinner--sauteed onions in coconut oil, added ground chicken, some parsley, chopped lactino kale, some cumin, garlic and alderwood salt. Close yeah, but no cigar.
Ground chicken and greens nonetheless.

Btw, like the idea about the coconut milk.

Bill said...

Hi Marc,
looks great i copied it and it tasted even better.What is your take on saturated fats the paleo book i have says there bad and i think Art Devany thinks there are also?

Chris said...

Depressing result from the football.....I thought Holland had a chance going into extra time but they didn't really get going. They were second best for the whole match unfortunately.

Marc said...


As crazy as I can get over the games :-)
I couldn't be upset last night!
My men in orange never really came to play. They got lucky at the end, and then didn't show anything in overtime. My two thoughts;
Van Basten shouldn't have rested the players, they should have kept their momentum going and Van Basten was out coached by his country man Hiddink.
Thanks for the support. ;-)


Naomi said...

Marc I'm envious- I was pretty upset! Going to miss the whole football hype, it was good fun.

You've got a good point about what went wrong.. What I think also contributes is the lack of a fighting spirit- vs italy we had something to proof, but before the last game we were already thinking about the finals. They even rescheduled some of my schoolstuff because that's when holland would be playing the finals. Pssh, says a lot about the general attitude.

Oh well. Was fun while it lasted eh?

Marc said...

It was GREAT!!!!!

It's classicly Dutch.....we were a team with fighting spirit and passion the first 3 games.......then we went back to being ourselves. :-(

I was screaming during the game, it was like they were standing still at times. When I played for the University team here in the US, my coach would have shot us if we gave that type of effort ;-)


Naomi said...

Sounds like a good coach :P Some of my friends/relatives had no voices left after the game, it was pretty hilarious hearing grown men use a wheezy high pitched voice ;)

Marc said...

hehehehe...that happens to me to.

I read the Telegraaf on line, and I kind of think that the consensus was what we felt right? The Russians were just better and hungrier.
Have a nice night Naomi.