Monday, June 9, 2008

It's not always beautiful or percfect.

Here is breakfast from Saturday.
Left over salad with grandma's dressing, cauliflower salad, tuna nicoise, and a few slices of smoked salmon loin. A meal like this means that I need to do a grocery shopping ;-)

To one of my readers;
Where in Florida is "Lulu"?

Have a great week everyone!


Lemur said...

I think it looks delicious, even if it is just whatever you could scrounge up.

Are you still cooking for your friend that you mentioned a long time ago? Am I to assume this friend is now your girlfriend? ;p

Hope you're enjoying the heat, it's finally summer here, had a few 85-90 degree days recently. Spent as much time outside as I could this weekend, took about 700 pics yesterday being a local tourist, haha.

Marc said...

Hi Heather,

I'm not cooking for my friend anymore. She could not stick with it....but saddest of all she could not make anything for herself.
I would put her on the spot and say "how hard is it to boil 3 eggs in the morning before you go to work?" She just was not able to do it. She's still one of my closest friends and no not my girlfriend

I will be going to New York to cook for my friend and his wife for a few days. He made it through a succesful bone marrow transplant.
He told me he needed me to come and teach his wife and him how to cook.(they have lived on take out and restaurants for the past 15 years) We are both excited about it.
Thank you for always taking the time to leave nice comments, so this is for you.
Try this recipe;
I call it my summer "cucumber fruit salad"
Cut up one large cucumber (slices)
a small piece of melon, a few blue berries and just a few pieces of pineapple. Leave in the fridge overnight. The cucumber soakes up the fruit flavor and the fruit looses some of it's sweetness because of that. It makes a refreshing soothing dish.
Goes great with grilled chicken fish and lamb.


sarena said...

Hey, Marc give a holler when you come to NY. I would love to finally meet ya:)

Marc said...

Will do for sure!