Thursday, June 12, 2008

My First Poem

"A wonderful bird is the Pelican,
because his mouth can hold more then his belly can,
and I wonder how the heck he can."
I learned that in 7th grade in Holland.
I love sitting on the beach or the pier here and watching these wonderful birds to their thing.
They just make me smile.

I don't know if you can see,but they are having a small meeting of sorts in the mangroves.
3 scrambled eggs with onion, made in some coconut oil.
I figured a Pelican picture might be more fun this morning then scrambled eggs.


Bill said...

I read your wedsite daily and all your food pics look great.My question is i weigh 300lbs at 5feet10inch.Iam on atkins but i think i eat to much meat because i only have 20 grams of carbs a day the weight lose is so slow .I do weight lift 3 days a week and walk.I want to follow the paleo diet but it calls for nore carbs and i dont eat fruit because of carb count.What would you recomend?I also read art devanys site Mark sissons.these guys can eat an abundance of veggies and fruit they are already fit what kind of help can you give me?

Thanks Bill

Marc said...

Hi Bill,

I'm glad you enjoy the site and I hope you get a lot out ofit and you continue to check it out.

It is really difficult for any of us to give you advice with out knowing a little more detail about you. For example, how much do you eat per day? How much do you exercise per day? Do you sit at a desk all day? How old are you? How long have you been trying to loose weight? You lift weights, but how and what protocol? etc etc etc.
The little bit of advice I can give you is this; don't make it any more complicated then this. Eat whole foods and move your body daily. Walk a lot! and don't be afraid to feel a little hungry on certain days. Don't cheat. Maybe check or similiar sites and get a detailed daily menu for yourself.
Does that help any?

Dave Clary said...

As someone who is familiar with Atkins, and someone who lost over 40 pounds following Mark Sisson's advice, I'd like to throw in something here. You mention sticking to 20grams of carbs a day which is what is prescribed during the Atkins induction phase. For the past nine months, I've kept carbs to around 80 grams and still lost a lot of weight. You still have to watch the number of calories you take in, and they can mount up fast if you eat a lot of meat. You might want to try eating a lot of vegetables and back off on the protein. Like Marc said, there are a lot of variables, but I think this might be something that would help.

Marc said...

Great input Dave!

when you are trying to lose weight you need to watch the calories, eventhough you might be eating very healthy.
Take a look at Dr. Eades protein powder site. He has a great post adressing this issue. It's extremely easy to quickly snack away 300-400 calories. And that's the little drop that overflows the bucket.