Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Two Cents

I want to ad a few of my thoughts regarding the cost involved to eat paleo/primal/EF. Some great posts on this subject recently on a lot of my favorite blogs (see right "good reads")

Consider this meal;

This was dinner for my kids and I last night.

Fresh shrimp over bok-choy.

(marinated the shrimp in olive oil garlic and a little spicy pepper relish, grilled them, peeled them and cut them up for the kids. Sauteed onion and garlic in some butter added the cut up bok choy and cooked until soft, but still a hint of a crisp. Added a few splashes of tamari)

So let's take a looksie at cost. One pound of fresh local shrimp $13. One Large head of organic bokchoy $2.99. Organic onion and garlic estimated cost of use $0.30. Organic butter cost of use $.035. So this meal for 5 (four kids ages 13,11,9,7) total cost was just shy of $17.00.

They're in tennis camp during the day, so I want to feed them good quality nutrients.

Do you think it's expensive for one meal? ONE entree at mid-priced restaurant comes in at roughly the same. Take four kids to McDonalds and you will spend approx. $20. Order some pizza and again you're spending roughly the same. So; still expensive for one meal?

Consider this meal;

Beef and turkey meatballs with onion.

Pound of grass fed ground beef $5.99. Pound of ground turkey (dark meat) $3.99. Onion, spices and butter (bacon grease) cost of use $1.00. Total cost $11.00

Total servings around 6. Average cost per serving approx $1.83.

A yummy burger at Wendy's will set you back $4.29.

Or maybe a healthy sandwich at Subway will only set you back $3.79. What would YOU rather eat.

Keep eating the good stuff!!!!!

SMILE and be NICE.


the adventurer said...

I've been reading your blog for a while. I like your cost analysis. I try to do the same when I'm preparing a meal. Eating healthy doesn't have to cost a fortune.... as many thing. :) Keep on cooking

Marc said...

Hi there!!!
Thank you for reading the blog.
I'm glad you left me a comment.
I look forward to reading your blog. I'll keep cooking and leave me your thoughts on the blog anytime ok?
Have a great day!

Bryan - oz4caster said...

Marc, that shrimp with bok choy is way more nutritious than most meals out as well. Those meat balls look really good too.