Thursday, May 29, 2008


Thanks to my friend Sarena, (see right for her link) I have rediscovered the pleasure of using Tehina.
I re-invented my smoked salmon loin recipe (see previous post and pic) to make it with a Mediterranean spin. since sesame goes so well with salmon I figured the tehina would work.
So made a tehina, olive oil, garlic dressing and mixed that with the salmon and cucumber. No pic (yet) but I can tell you that it worked perfectly and the taste was amazing. Yesterdays breakfast; Some browned ground beef, steamed broccoli with garlic.
Tehina, garlic and olive oil drizzle.
Thank you Sarena.
Did not want to leave you all with out a picture, so here's one of Sundays sunset, taken with a cell phone.
I'm still in the city tennis tournament, semi finals in both singles and mixed doubles. I will post about that soon.


sarena said...

Hey thanks! But as friends, now for sure, we gotta meet sometime!!

I truly love tehina and have been using it a lot lately. The other day I took a bag or broccoli slaw, chopped onion, some eggs, a bit of mustard and some tehina, along with salt and pepper. Combined them all well and placed in greased baking pan, Topped with some hemp seeds and baked it as a great souffle. It has been feeding me all week. It is just as good hot as cold!! Ok maybe better hot.

BTW< best in the tennis games:)

Lemur said...

Wow, stunning photo. I can't believe a cell phone took that, it's beautiful.

Good luck with the tennis games, I'm sure you'll do great. =)

Marc said...

Next time when I'm in NYC we'll meet and I'll come watch you and learn what a real work out is.

Thank you and thank you for putting a link on your site.