Monday, May 19, 2008

"I'm back to livin' Floridays, Blue skies and ultra-violet rays"

That's part of a Jimmy Buffett song, and part of the reason that you have not seen many posts recently. The summer has arrived here in Florida. The crowds thin, and the locals come out to play. After 5 hard working months of a very hectic season, it's time to slow down. Take beach walks, watch dolphins frolic and listen for manatee snorts. Not just the people, but the animals seem to know it too. When I go fishing on the beach, the moment my cast net comes out, I have an immediate visit from an egret. He keeps me company while I fish, and in turn, I share a bait fish or two with him. I'm positive it's never the same one, but I have one name for them all. I call him Mr. Jones. They are very well mannered birds. Always grateful for the treat they didn't have to wade and fish for, but never pushy. I've grown quit fond of them. The fishing has not been great as of yet, but it will come, and I look forward to going home with lots of fresh fish in the coming months. In addition to my meal pictures, I will try and share some pictures of the birds, beach, dolphins etc. If you all would like that. Thank you Naomi for your nice comment and to Dave C. for sending me an email that had me smiling all morning.

The local city tennis tournament is on it's way here, and it lasts the whole month of May. Close to 700 entries in all categories and levels. It's one of the largest amateur tournaments in the country. With all the play in the heat, I'm trying to get some more yams and sweet potatoes in my diet. Between tennis and heavier weight workouts, it seems to be helping recovery periods.
Breakfast this morning;
Grilled burger, grilled onion slices, boiled yam. Olive oil drizzle and a sprinkle of sea-salt.


Naomi said...

Good to have you back Marc :) I'd love to see some of those pictures, I'm getting jealous even thinking about it.. Enjoy it as much as you can!

Lemur said...

Was wondering where you had been, glad to hear you're enjoying the outdoors. It's still decidedly spring here, and I watch squirrels instead of dolphins, haha.

Can't wait to see your new pics!

Dave Clary said...

I've canceled the all-points-bulletin now that you're present and accounted for! No matter what you're eating or doing in the gym, the ultimate goal should be to enjoy life and you sure seem to be doing that! :-)

sarena said...

NIce having you back, although truth be told--I was away for most of the last few days with the birth of my granddaughter.

And thanks for your sweet post on my blog too!!

Marc said...


I'll be posting them. I think you will like the dolphin ;-)
Trust me, I enjoy every minute!

It will be summer soon where you are right? Enjoy the change of season and I will be posting more pics.

Agreed. Part of my blog's hidden motive is sharing my always happy mood. I hope that comes across. Life is to be enjoyed and enjoy eahc other and all our wonderful and beautiful differences.

You're welcome and enjoy every second with her!

Lemur said...

Yes, it will be summer here soon, probably in a few weeks. It's 60 out there right now, but it'll be in the 70's by the weekend, finally be able to leave the windows open all night.

And FWIW, I didn't think your motives were hidden at all. It's more than evident that you're a happy & positive person and you want that for other people, too. I'm the same way, just can't waste my time being unhappy. Life's too short and all that.

Marc said...

Right on Heather!
Life is WAY to short.
It would be nice if everyone could be happy. So I try and do my part and be happy myself and treat everyone just the way I would like to be treated; with love, respect dignity and more love. ;-)