Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"Life is change and it's beautiful"

Things are always changing, it's nature, don't fight it, enjoy it, flow with it appreciate the beauty of it all, the beauty of change. Anywho, sorry back to food ;-)
The warm weather is here for most and I hope you find the time to grill a lot!
One way to maximise use of the grill for us veggies and meat eating peeps, is to invest in a good quality grill basket. This way you can make all sorts of vegetable concoctions on the grill. Tasty, simple, easy to make and little clean up involved.

Last night I used mine to make a delicious mixture of fresh yellow squash, onion garlic and evoo.
I did season a little with sea salt, fresh ground pepper and chili powder.
I also grilled some skinless chicken thighs. When was the last time you made chicken thighs on a grill?
Try this; marinate skinless thighs (I take the skin off because it grills better without it) in evoo, fresh chopped garlic, lemon juice (I used on large lemon for 6 thighs), greek oregano, sea salt and pepper. Marinate for at least 24 hours. Sorry to repeat myself, but this again is a very very simple recipe and the flavor is unreal! You know I cook my chicken breasts with non-direct heat on the grill. So because of the higher fat content (darker meat) of the thighs, I like to cook these on direct heat. they need more time then you think, don't let them burn.
Skillet; evoo, green cabbage and onion. Saute till soft, but not mushy.
When it was done i simply tossed it together with about 5 strips of bacon, 2 hard boiled eggs and a dijon mustard drizzle. Look at it as a take off from "spinach salad" with warm bacon dressing.
The dijon mustard drizzle is simple to make. Tbspoon of dijon, splash of water, half teaspoon evoo and some capers. mix well and drizzle over the warm green cabbage salad.
Does it sound good? Cool, now go and make it and tell me how it tastes ;-)
I'm very curious if you guys try and make some of the recipes or do you use it to come up with your own version of it? Please share your versions!


sarena said...

Hey I was missing your posts and pics these last few days:) Call it withdrawal if you wish!!

Anyway I use your posts as springboards mostly, espec as bacon is out and i do cook similarly already!

Keep em coming. Gonna have to try that chicken thigh adventure, sounds awesome. I generally prefer white meat but I am thinking that might convert me:)

Marc said...

Hi Sarena,
Thank you for the nice comment!
I'm so happy that there are people like you that enjoy my blog. I know I enjoy posting and taking pics.
For sure try the chicken thighs, it is so much tastier then the breasts. Like I've read on many paleo/primal blogs, I also now seem to gravitate toward fattier cuts.
Have a great day Sarena, and your workouts are an inspiration for everyone!


Dave Clary said...

I also use your posts as inspiration to create my own quick meals. I use my cast iron skillet, EVOO, and onions as the base. After that--anything goes. Yesterday I added some ham and sauerkraut to the mix--simple and yummy. I don't own a grill but I seriously thinking of getting one now!!

sarena said...

shout out to ya on my blog today too!!

Marc said...

Really happy that you guys are getting something out of it.

Sarena, thanks for the shout out!

Dave, Get the grill!!!! ;-)

Happy Friday to you guys!

Jay C said...

Planing on buying a grill this weekend, thinking small Charcoal Weber. Also plan to buy a smoker, near future, as I want to start making sausage. This guy is a legend, just got his book.


Your Pic's and recipes are always inspiring, thanks.

Chow On.

Naomi said...

Marc, where are you? come back! We miss you :(

Marc said...

I'm back ;-)
Thank you Naomi!
Lots of pics and new recipes coming .
Feels good to be back!

The small weber is a CLASSIC!
One of those charcoal cylinder starters is a handy tool to have.