Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Flavors

It is HOT here in South West Florida. The humidity, which usually arrives in July, is here in full force. Yesterday morning when I was on the beach for a little sprinting session, the temperature was 84, at 7:15 in the morning. I don't mind the heat, but I've noticed that I eat a little less and I'm craving "summer flavors". I love peaches, and eating a nice cold peach on a warm day is delightful.
So I rewarded myself with a little summer beverage last night,

This is a Belgian Lambic beer. They are very tasty, but this kind infused with real peaches is unique. They also have apple, pear and raspberry I think. Not something to drink all the time as it is sweet, but sometimes it really hits the spot.
I had two weiswurst (Hans brand) with onions and fennel or dinner.
Also a little fennel salad. Try this;
Thin slice the the fennel and toss in a bowl with a few tbsps of evoo, 2 teasps of lemon juice and 6-8 leaves of fresh mint. If you've never tried fennel, this is an easy way to start and you will be amazed how yummy this little salad is.

And a small side salad of red leaf lettuce, tomato, a few different olives (sliced) and a small clove of chopped garlic. Evoo, balsamic and lemon juice drizzle. This organic red leaf looked spectacular in the store. Have a great day everyone!


Yummy Gatherer said...

Lambic is so yummy! Have you tried lambic mixed with beer? It is very refreshing, and not so sweet. A friend introduced me to raspberry lambic mixed with Hoegaarden beer. The resulting drink has a r-rated name...but it is tasty! ;) A good summery beverage.

Marc said...

I'm trying to figure the name out lol....

I will try mixing it next time.