Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Almost Barefoot

Since I live in a sunny place, I probably spend more time in flip flops or go barefoot than the next guy/girl. I do work in an office and even though I kick off my shoes under my desk during the day, I'm starting to develop a small hatred towards shoes.

I've owned V. five fingers since Mark Sisson posted his first beach sprinting video almost 2 years ago I think. BUT.......since there is no store that carries them here in SW Florida (Sarasota being closest, but that's 2 hours north) I think I'm the only person locally that has a pair. When I wear them EVERYONE stares and many questions and comments ensue. Sometimes I'm just not in the mood. So these are a nice alternative.

I really like the Nike Free's. (Mark L. at Dadsrewrite has his eye on a pair and posted something on them). They are nice and light and feel really good compared to sneakers. They hold up well also. When they first came out about 4 years ago they had a type of mesh top that would rip, these are sturdier but have not changed otherwise. The heel on the shoe is deceiving. It's nothing like a spongy , big support, Nike running or cross trainer shoe. Go try a pair on next time you're out shopping. Do you own a pair? Do you like them?
First post not mentioning food in a long long time........food pics tomorrow ;-)


Jeff said...

I have a pair of free 5.0's. I used them until I went "hard core" and got the vibrams. I think the frees have too much padding, but at least it is better than most running shoes. You can still run wrong with them since the heel cushion is enough to prevent too much obvious jarring. No way to do that barefoot or with vibrams, which force you to be more on the front of the foot.

Marc said...


Just to clarify I don't use them for sprinting. But for walking around or traveling....when society doesn't let me go barefoot...or the FF would cause to many stares ;-)


a feng said...

I totally agree about not enjoying the stares when I wear Five Fingers. I use mine only for running and hiking. For other times I try to get shoes with as little padding as possible. I wear aquasocks in the gym, and light shoes with thin soles the rest of the time. Work is a problem because I am expected to wear shiny black shoes with board-like soles - haven't figured that one out yet.

Great blog, by the way!

jaydcannon said...

Not related to this post, although I do workout in VFF(BTW, check out Patagonia's Loulu for a good flat sole Biz shoe). I wanted to say thank you somewhere. Since January I have followed a EF/Primal diet. I quickly found your site. I never really cooked before. I didn't think I had the skills for it. Thanks primarily to your blog, I now consider myself a good cook(so does my wife & family). I take the time to buy Real, Natural ingredients and cook per your instruction. It takes time, but not the cliche'd "slaving over a stove". It is a real joy to cook this food. This is now my hobby and I look forward to your posts. A bit dramatic perhaps, but cooking and eating real food (& real fat) is like eating for the first time. I was a processed food zombie for years, but now I eat real food. I feel alive. Feels great and tastes great. Thank you and keep the meals coming.

Marc said...

Thanks so much glad you're enjoying it. Shiny black shoes with board like soles.....that about sums it up.

I'm so happy to get your comment!!
It's comments and emails like of this nature that make it all woth it! Primal/paleo/EF has added something so valuable to my life, that it would ony be fair if I gave something back. This blog is an attempt to do just that. It makes me so happy that its helping people get started or going.
Keep it up and I will keep posting also ;-)
Thanks very much for the link, I will check it out right away.


Mark said...

Marc -

I picked up my pair of the Nike Free 5.0 last night - I got the white ones. I plan to wear them to work to avoid getting the looks if I tried to do the Vibram thing. I like them so far - not as primal as the Vibrams but still better than the horse shoes I used to wear.

jaydcannon said...

Here is a link to the Patagonia Loulu I mentioned. May be an option for work depending on how dressy you need to be. No heel, soft, large toe box. I chose velvet brown. Looks like they are backordered now. http://www.patagonia.com/web/us/product/mens-loulu-shoe?p=79513-0-520