Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I love Spain.
I love it's people, their language and their food.
Simply prepared, always using the freshest local ingredients.
On that note, when I come back home I will share a mouth watering Spanish chicken dish with you.

Last night I ate at a wonderful Spanish restaurant here in NYC. It's called Alcala. It's been around for a while: longevity for a restaurant in NYC means you are on to something. ;-)
I know not everyone enjoys these, but fresh grilled sardines are just hard to beat!!

Simply grilled with some fresh herbs, salt, pepper and then drizzled with Spanish olive oil. Mixed greens finished off the dish.
And just in case your curious.....
The crispy heads were eaten last, as they are delicious ;-)
Try some if you ever get the chance!


Primal Mama said...

Sardinas, yum. I love the way they grill them over open fires at beachside cafes. Nice and crispy. But the heads.....:)

Jenny @ Nourished Kitchen said...

I LOVE fresh sardines. I had them for the first time in Morocco. They were stuffed with garlic and parsley and then grilled. Out of this world good.

Raine Saunders said...

I am not big on sardines, but I do love the idea of Spanish food (which I have not had the pleasure of eating much of in my life). My husband and I talk about going to live in Spain someday with our son, I think that would be such a spectacular and interesting thing to do! I know the food experiences would be so as well. I'm always up for adventures in food! My husband is in upstate NY this week on business, but not in NYC. I hope he'll get to have some of his own food adventures just as you have while he's there.

TrailGrrl said...

Just got back from Spain. Lot of egg dishes and of course sardines and other fish and seafood. The region was know for octopus and it was great... a sweet lite tuna-ish flavor...sort of like crabmeat and very lite tuna. The best was the veal of that region... out of sight tender! Anchovies are popular there too. We did do the big paella dish one night... and it was great. The big prawns, clams, and saffron rice.

Very simple fresh food. The egg yolks were bright orange, just the way I like 'em.


Marc said...

Primal Mama,

The heads are delicious ;)
Keep up the good work!!!

Garlic YUM! Morocco has some awesome food!!! I was there a long time ago.

Spain is wonderful!! Did you by chance see "Vicki Barcelona"?
Stand by for the chicken dish I alluded to.

The food is great right?????
Octopus is just unbelievable grilled... especially fresh.
I will post a recipe for an amazing chicken spanish dish. Stay tuned!!!

Thanks very much for the comments everyone!!! keep em coming!

Jay C said...

1. I'd have to eat a school of those guys.
2. Wrapped in bacon would work really well

Marc said...

Jay eats a school of sardines.
That might actually be a good title for a post lol!!!
Jay, FYI I ate the sardines as a part of 5 different tapas dishes.


Jay C said...

Well, that sounds more like. Sardines are a great warm up for a bigger meal to come.
Have a good weekend. Brining a few chickens and then smoking, should carry me through next week.