Monday, June 22, 2009

Fish, shrimp and bad pictures

It all tasted so good last night, that I forgot to take pictures until I was pretty much done eating. So my apologies for the bad pics.

I had a piece of fresh grouper and some "Royal Red Shrimp". These shrimp are only available certain times of year here. Their migration is timed with certain water temperatures. They are very tasty and almost taste like lobster as compared to shrimp.
I marinated them in some fresh chopped herbs, garlic and evoo, paprika and cayenne powder.
The piece of grouper got "spread" with an olive, garlic and cilantro tapenade. Simple to make, just chop about 8-10 green olives, 2 small cloves of garlic, handful of cilantro and mix with a drizzle of evoo. Set in the fridge for about 4-8 hours.
Tomato and cucumber salad, with paprika, cayenne, evoo and a tiny bit of feta.

And my last shrimp.......if you're so inclined, take of the heads and crisp them up a bit on the grill. They are soooo tasty.


Yummy Gatherer said...

Marc- That looks so delicious!
By the way, I love all your pics of the beaches in your area. I'm seriously jealous of that pretty turquoise water!

Marc said...


I enjoy posting them....but don't want to get people upset and jealous either. but I will snap some more for you and post them.


Chef Rachel said...

Your fish dish sounds delish. So many people feel intimidated about cooking fish. If only they knew how easy it is to cook.

Cilantro goes so well with fish. I've prepared cilantro pesto in a batch in the food processor or leaving out the parmesan, and found it keeps well in the fridge for a week or two covered with olive oil. Thinned with extra olive oil it makes a great dressing for salads or topping for blanched veggies. Just thinking about it makes me want to pick up some fish this week and iingredients to make the pesto for it.

Here's are links to a few versions. Btw: you can replace the parmesan with extra olive oil or simply add more oil to make a salad dressing texture; I like to add some unrefined sea salt (for my salt tooth!) to recipes that don't contain it.


Yummy Gatherer said...

Yes, please post more pics! We're jealous, but in a good way! :)

Marc said...

Chef Rachel,
Thank you so much!
Those are some GREAT links!