Monday, June 8, 2009

How much fruit?

How much fruit do you eat?


Smoketheblowfish said...

Prior to you Paleo guys busting my stones, I was eating 3-4 pieces/day. Now it's an apple and a small bananas.

Bryce said...

Did you have to ask this in the height of strawberry season, and with blue berry season around the corner?

I probably eat 2 pieces of fruit a day, and I try to minimize things like bananas and giant 'bread-to-be-sweet' apples, same as MikeZ. I'll a eat grapefruit, or a kiwi, or some berries, and I'll do that once or twice a day.

Seems to work well for me.

chris - said...

I eat 2-3 pieces of fruit a day, sometimes a little more.

I really think some of the people in the Paleo community go a little overboard with their fear of fruit.

Primal Mama said...

Around 2 pieces a day or a couple of cups if we are taking strawberries, but not everyday. I either tend to eat that amount or eat none, no reason why. I stay away from bananas though. If/when my weight loss stalls, I'll cut down.

Yummy Gatherer said...

Interesting question! Depends - but usually a max of 1-2 cups/day. Sometimes I don't eat any for a while, I go by my cravings. I eat local fruit in season aside from the occasional tropical treat - like lychees or mangos! Yum.
I'm looking forward to the excitement of summer peaches + nectarines!

Mark said...

Not a ton. I stick to apples and berries mostly - usually one or the other. Sometimes I'll have a little pineapple, a pear, grapes, watermelon, but not that often.

That will probably change though as I am trying to cut out the nuts for a while - just today I had a lot more fruit than normal.

Andy's Blog said...

On average, maybe 1 piece per day. Some days it is zero. Other days I could power through half a pint of fresh, crisp strawberries before I tell my self to put it down.

Marc said...

You write.. I laugh ;-)
I get really big local pink grapefruits..I sometimes squeeze half of one for a very small cup of juice. It's super tasty, and a primal hand work out.

Yeah blue berry season has arrived here. I'm buying and freezing a bunch this summer. I think fruit twice a day is good if you're eating clean. From your pic, looks like it's working real well for you. Keep it up!!

No fear of fruit here...but I'll admit it's easy to over eat. If I get a tasty watermelon or crenshaw variety I could eat it all day. Seems that when I stick to the berries, I have better control. I agree with you that some people are too afraid....i think those folk have still not leaned out and are trying to stick to under 50 gr. of crabs. Fruit can easily put you over the top.

Variation is key. sometimes no fruit for days then a few days some more then normal. Good stuff.
I would stay away from the bananas.
Bananas have a really really interesting history. The variety of bananas that were first introduced into the Western world
don't even exist anymore (hardly that is) when you taste'll never eat a regular banana again. Try a google search...some neat history.

Sadly, hard to find organic ones where I live. I will enjoy them in moderation this summer. I do buy a few extra to make some "peach wine'

You ever catch that post from Devany about using pineapple (the hard parts) as moisturizer?
When I rubbed it all over my face one Saturday morning, my kids thought I had truly lost it....and they told my ex wife, who told them I was fu.... up ;-)

I love straw trick is I cut about 6 into really thin slices. then some heavy cream...yum
Sliced thin it seems like a really big pportion.

Thanks for commenting everyone...I was curious how everyone handles their fruit intake.


Jeff said...

Somewhere between 0.5 and 1.5 servings a day. When I fast it is usually zero unless dessert after a large meal. I have cut back since this time last year where I was doing 3-4 a day. Body composition improved a bit after.

LivingPrimal said...

You make peach wine??? And you haven't shared this recipe with us???
I have no fear of fruit since it varies from day to day how much I eat, if any. Although this time of year will be difficult, but I figure, it's better than eating ice cream!

Jay C said...

very little, pricy, stuff goes bad. Prefer frozen veggies and of course, meat cookies

Yummy Gatherer said...

Peach wine???? That sounds awesome! Please share your recipe/method! :)

Marc said...

I will share the peach wine's so simple. it's an old Italian tradition and you can find much of it during the feast of San Genarro in little italy in NYC.

Frozen veggies rock.
Except for.....cauliflower.
I like that much better fresh.


Marc said...

Sorry left you out of the last repsonse. Yes I will share.
You will like it I think ;-)