Sunday, August 31, 2008

Workouts do leave me hungry

I wait to eat after a workout usually, but sometimes I'm just to hungry.
So here's what I ate after a hard 30 minute session this morning.
3 eggs, spinach, onion, tomato, bacon and a little bit a spicy pepper jack cheese. 2 strips of bacon. Not shown, were some blue berries and a bite of peach.
I could have eaten 2 of those plates ;-)

Dinner will be grilled grouper and grilled chicken.
Pictures and chicken marinade recipes to follow.'s good for you.


sarena said...

Wondering, do you eat immediately after workout or a bit later??

Yeah, I get it..hungry after workout that is!!

Marc said...

Hi Sarena,

I usually wait about an hour.
But sometimes, I'm just really really hungry so I decide to listen to my body (or craving :-) )and I eat. Like this morning I ate about 15-20 minutes afterward.