Thursday, August 7, 2008

"Uncomplicated stuff"

My aim for my blog has always been to show how uncomplicated it can be.
Exercising/moving your body and eating whole foods is not that hard.
For the majority of us, we don't make our living as a professional athlete or a super model.
So no need to go crazy and make it the end all and be all of your life.
Start simple, keep it simple and you'll be on your way, living a quality life that seems to elude the masses. Now once you're consistently doing the simple stuff, you can take it to the next levels and there are experts out there that have the know how to take you there.

So here's an example of the "Uncomplicated stuff";
This morning I went for a 45 minute early morning walk/workout.
I took my little ipod shuffle, turned on some tunes and started walking.
After 5-10 minutes or so, I dropped and did 30 pushups.
Walked some more, then sprinted some, walked, another 30 pushups, walked, sprinted a little, walked, jumped on and off a bench a few times, 30 pushups, walked, sprinted, laid in the grass and did some crunches, walked, sprinted, 30 more pushups, walked, sprinted and walked.
Easy enough right?

Then I came home and prepped my breakfast to eat at my desk at work.
Again, how easy is this one?

3/4 of a fresh peach. Blueberries, a few pecans, 2 boiled egss and 2 slices of salami. And thanks to Mark Sisson some vitamins. (they are truly the best).

How do you keep it simple and continues?


Bill said...

Thank's for the recipe for the ribs.And also what do you know about food seperation where you cant eat carbs with fat or protien because one will go undigested because of the enzimes in our siliva.her's a link

thanks bill

Bill said...

Marc i finally made up my mind how iam going to eat,im not going to go on a diet because they dont work your right.But i have decided to eat like you do and quite messing around so i can get this weight off and health back.I will eat egg's boiled or fryed and berries or nut's for lunch.I don't eat breakfast i have coffee till noon then eat i dont know if thats good or bad.later in the day some veggies and meat.ill eat when hungry and wont worry about calories or carbs just clean food.But i wont overeat also i guess you could say it's paleo eating but not buy any book style.Just keep the great pic's comming because you have great idea's on how to eat.I just went to the store so im stocked up on berries and veggies.

thanks Bill

thank's Bill

sarena said...

OK so maybe you can help me here with an idea. I have this large bison heart in my freezer for a while now and dont know what to do with it. Besides the fact is is LARGE and we are only 3 ppl at home. I guess I could defrost and cut end then refreeze after prepped or cooked. But what to do to cook or I was told--it may need tenderizing!! Thanks

Marc said...

Hi Sarena,

First of,you are right. It needs tenderizing. BIG time! Just think how tough the little chicken hearts are. In "island cooking" they like using lime juice for meats. I think that would be a good way to go for the heart.

I don't think it is wise to defrost and then refreeze.
So that leaves you with a large meal to eat. ;-)

I would make it into a nice stew, and then you can keep the Stew for a few days as left overs in the fridge.
Does that help some?

sarena said...

thanks will let ya know when i do it