Saturday, August 30, 2008

Paleo Dinner for Kids

Some of my co workers ask me sometimes if my kids eat the same way I do.
The nights and days during the week that they are with me, mostly they eat paleo just like me.
But we do live in the real world, so don't think they don't enjoy a pizza from time to time.
But I try and balance it out with some wholesome real food meals.
Here's a look at dinner;

Tilapia, broccoli, orange pepper, carrots and cucumber.

Happy Labor Day weekend to all here in the U.S. I hope you have the day off Monday for a nice long weekend.


Bill said...

Hi Marc,
do you fry your fish in a little oil or how do you cook it,and season it with. fish to me is a little trickey to cook it alway's fall's apart.

thanks Bill

sarena said...

Kids dont "need" the carbs as is in pasta, rice, bread, etc anymore than we do as adults. Now what they want...that's a different story that we can thank the media and peer pressure for!!

Btw, you can cook for me anytime. Food looks awesome!

Marc said...

Sarena so TRUE!!!
My kids sometimes ask me what cereal is the healthiest. I Answer with, none of them are. If you would see how they are made, you would most likely never want to eat it. My oldest loves her pasta, but as long as I make the protein choice for dinner plentiful and tasty, she's happy with dinner and never complains.
Would love to cook for you. Next time when I'm in NYC perhaps. And you can in return kick my behind in the gym.

Depends on the fish somewhat.
Just saute with some butter or coconut oil. An easy start for you might be getting some Mrs. Dash spices. Like garlic and herb for example. Sprinkle on the fish before cooking. HTH.

Anna said...

I get the same questions about what I feed my son. Some, the "sort of knowledgeable" ones, will comment that they worry he won't get enough B vitamins (I say sort-of knowledgeable because they even know some foods that contain B vitamins).

He's turned into quite the carnivore lately, so no worries about the B vits. A recent dinner guest noted that my son loaded his plate only with the Carolina-style Smoked & Pulled pork on it (she didn't seem to remember him going with gusto at the veggie platter before dinner, I guess.

But, like your kids, he'd have gone for broke with pizza, too, if it was available (rarely, at our house, because it is served at nearly every other "kid" social function he attends).