Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"Don't worry be happy"

''Cause when you're worried, your face will frown And that will bring everybody down "

Smile, it's good for you!


Again some steak strips quickly done in the cast iron. Doesn't take more then about 3 minutes.

Tossed them before cooking with a tiny bit of lime juice, bbq sauce and a scallion.

Over a bed of arugula with some evoo and fresh ground pepper. (not shown, a few blueberries and grapes)


Naomi said...

Sometimes it looks like you eat so little Marc! I'd want to have twice what I see on your plate usually.

Or maybe thrice since it looks quite good ;)

Lemur said...

Word. A few apple slices? Man, I always eat the whole apple! =p

Lemur said...

Sorry, my comment was in reference to the post before this one. Sorta. I was looking at the pic of the apple slices while I had the comment window for this post open, haha.

Marc said...

Hi Naomi!
Like I said in the previous post, that is just breakfast.
That is not to shabby for breakfast right?
what do you eat as your first meal of the day?
Hope you had a great vacation.

Thanks for being part of the blog. I really always look forward to getting your comments. you still taking pictures????