Friday, August 1, 2008


The cabin/log home where we are staying has DSL. I'm not however able to upload any pics.
Anyone know why perhaps?

After horseback riding through the mountains this morning we were all famished.
Stopped for lunch at a local BBQ restaurant.

Not always easy to stick with your regular diet while on the road, but the ribs were wonderful!!!
I did not eat my "garlic toast", but did eat a few pieces of fried okra.

Tomorrow we will be panning for some gold.


Bryan - oz4caster said...

Such dedication to post while you're on vacation! But hey, if it's fun do it :)

It is difficult to eat well while traveling. I just try to stay away from sauces and dressings (usually full of vegetable oil), fried food (usually fried in vegetable oil and/or trans-fats), and I don't eat desserts anyway.

sarena said...

I am glad you are enjoying your vacation. I had a lot of fun on mine in the Pacific Northwest, although I was training too. Joint effort vacation and kept up the eating too...somewhat..I did indulge on coconut ice cream a wee bit too much. Back on track now!