Monday, January 5, 2009

Simple and calm

Here a few examples of simple and calm............

Keep it simple.
Saute some grass fed ground beef in plenty butter with a good dash of paprika and ground pepper. A little "kirby cucumber" , red leaf lettuce and some left over guacamole.
Total prep time 5 minutes.

Here's a simple version of a classic. (Spinach salad with warm bacon dressing.)
I took two large hand fulls of spinach, 4 slices diced bacon mixed with some evoo and mustard. A few scallions and cucumber. Delicious and very filling. (you can use any mustard)

Thought you might enjoy this shot I took on the beach yesterday;
Simplicity......look how perfectly still, simple and calm.
Standing at the waters edge will calm any one's frazzled nerves

Even though he's hunting for food, look how calm this little guy is;

Have a wonderful week!


Son of Grok said...

You took those pics at the beach yesterday!?!?! I was battling hypothermia in the snow while trying to run 220 to my hot-tub (Which finally got going at oh around 10 o'clock last night).

What is your "Bacon dressing"? I am curious.

The SoG

Marc said...

Time for a visit man!

Simple bacon dressing goes like this. Some evoo, mustard and crumbled bacon. Quick and easy ad loads of flavor.


Son of Grok said...

I am all over that. Thank you mark!

The SoG