Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Beef & Stout

Thanks to Chris and this recent post about beer marinade. I decided to try something new.
I bought a large cut of grassfed beef chuck shoulder clod. (very cheap, even grassfed)
It's almost a 3 pound hunk of beef. I cut of a slice of about a pound and submerged it for a day in a nice stout beer. Came home and went to work;
Cut the beef into bite sized cubes. Slice up one large onion. Cut up 3 plum tomatoes. Slice up about 2 large hand fulls of green cabbage. I used nappa cabbage, as it was all I had.
In bacon grease (you do all save your bacon grease right????) fry up the onion. Remove the onion when done, add some more bacon grease and fry up the beef. Now add the onion, tomato and the cabbage. Stirred it all together and I gave it a few splashes of Worcester sauce. I poured in the left over stout got it all nice and hot, then turned down the heat to very low and let it all simmer for about 2 hours.

Easy to do and the reward was a very very tasty meal. The stout really worked it's magic and turned a tough cut of meat into melt in your mouth goodness. In case your curious, I used a "Black Hawk Stout"

"Be careful about reading health books........you may die of a misprint"
Mark Twain


MizFit said...


it's really Twain?

An English major

Chris said...

What a great dish. It makes my blogging worthwhile ;-)

Marc said...

Yup it's really Twain.
It's one of my favorites.

That was an interesting read about beer and wine marinades. Thanks for posting it. I've used wine a bunch as well as dark rum, not never really beer. Next I'm going to try the same thing with a nice steak and grill it. I've heard good things about that also.


Son of Grok said...

It looks delicious. The dog has been getting all the bacon grease lately. Spoiled spoiled dog.

The SoG