Friday, January 9, 2009

Another day in the life of Feel Good Eating and....LIVER

Two pictures, it just looked and tasted sooooo good ;-)

What a way to eat breakfast after an early morning work out.
Half an avocado with some smoke salmon loin, scallion and extra virgin olive oil. Some slices of smoked salmon loin. Cantaloupe slices. A boiled egg with a dash of paprika. Spinach leaves. And fish liver (cod liver). my dad just came back State side from Holland and brought me a few tins.
I love love love fish liver. I can't seem to find it here. Except for in some Japanese sushi restaurants. The Japanese call it "ankimo" it's monk fish liver and is just decadent.
Now this liver thing brings me to a question and would love some feedback from all of you.
I was having a "foodie" conversation with a co-worker and during our talk, liver came up.
She then said she didn't understand why anyone would eat liver as you are consuming all the toxins that the animal processed. My usual gift of gab suddenly left me and I just didn't know what to say. What would you retort with? And of course; do you like liver?
Have a wonderful weekend and as my virtual friend Jay would say CHOW ON!


Cave Cooking said...

I would retort that 1) it's not like you're eating the liver of 50 animals, how much in the way of toxins could you possibly be consuming, 2) the nutritional benefits probably outweigh the deficits 3) as compared to most foods one finds in a grocery store, liver is hardly the worst choice one could make, toxins or not. Just a few thoughts :) And I agree, monkfish liver is heavenly!

Son of Grok said...

Looks pretty good mark. BTW, your advice has re-introduced me to the world of delicious salads. I have forced myself to eat slads plain since going primal and eat them fine but am kind of blah about the whole situation. Since discovering your EVO/Mustard dressing... I am hooked back on zesty delicious salads! I am still having difficulty developing a taste for organ meats though.

The SoG

Marc said...

Good points. Thank you.
I'm really enjoying your blog and your writing style. I'm going to put a link and a shout out next post.


That's great. Have you tried grandma's dressing?
I'll do a special post on that.


Jay C said...

I ever get down to Naples, you find the BBQ, I'll buy.

Yep, sometime speaking the truth gets me into trouble. Must be the way I say it as opposed to the message, hence getting kicked off the CF boards for 30 days.

Have a great weekend.

TrailGrrl said...

It looks tasty! But then again I haven't had lunch yet. I've never had fish liver. I do like chicken liver, though. I got brave and bought beef liver at the Farmers' Market but haven't fixed it yet. You don't have a recipe for that, do you? I will see if I can find fish liver at our local store that has foods from all different countries, even fresh veggies and fruits.

She won't eat liver but is probably eating a bunch of really toxic foods that are processed.


sarena said...

I had homemade chopped chicken liver today rolled in nori with greens (mache, scallions, avocado) and homemade tehina. made for a nice Shabbat lunch!!

Go liver:-)

Anna said...

Hey Marc,

I'm not commenting in response to your post this time, but I didn't see an email address for you.

I saw your comment on Dr. Eades' blog about your son, possible growth issues, and GH. I've got something to mention to you about what I learned while researching lack of growth for a friend's son. Never know, it might be useful. Can you email me so I can forward the information to you?



Marc said...

That would be GREAT!!!
You can send the email to
I really appreciate it.


Marc said...

I just left a comment over at Darwin's Table asking for recipes. I don't really have any recipes to share for organ meats. Besides from chicken liver and heart I don't really make it. The fish liver I eat straight with some cracked pepper.
You can always make your recently purchased liver with lotso onions.


Anonymous said...

I love tapas bars! There's a fantastic one in Charleston, SC, if you're ever out that way.

It's tough, initially, to break free of the "gotta be fed to perform" mindset -- but once that hurdle is cleared, look out for some *real* optimum performance.

Congratulations, btw, on your wins,Marc :)

Marc said...

Thank you. The "real optimum" performance is no joke!!

Most likely will hit you up fot the name of that Tapas bar. I'l be passing through SC this summer.
Will let you know.


Anonymous said...

Well I would say that if the toxins have been processed then they won't be in the liver anymore as they will have been pee'd out.

Anna said...

Liver regenerates very fast, so a "clean" living animal shouldn't have too many toxins in the liver. But I don't consume "factory farmed animal" liver from the grocery store (I do buy some chicken liver for my raw cat food). For my family, I source liver direct from farmers who raise "clean" animals only.

The River Cottage Meat Book (by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Gordon Ramsey's buddy) has a good liver paté recipe (freezes well, too).