Monday, January 26, 2009

A big appetite and a satisfying meal

I have not experienced this in a while, but after eating an omelet for breakfast and not eating the remainder of the day, by 6:30 pm I was absolutely ravished!!!! Not an IF day, but my food intake has not been very much the last few days, so this might have been "compounded hunger". Has this happened to any of you?

I had bought some fresh local grouper at the farmers market on Saturday and I marinated it over night. Marinade; garlic, onion, rice vinegar, splash of soy sauce, pepper en ketjap manis (a sweet soy sauce). The Ketjap is not strictly paleo/primal as it does have sugar, but for marinating and grilling purposes, I think it's OK. (sauces would be a different story)

Next I made a big bowl of sliced and diced veggies; onion, zucchini, yellow squash, yellow pepper, smashed garlic cloves, a jalapeno, fresh basil and japanese egg plant. Sprinkle with paprika, oregano, a dash of white wine. Drizzle with evoo and mix well.

Then just toss it all in the grill basket. These little baskets are fantastic.

Here's the fish;

This little fish holder also works great for grilling sliced onion and pineapple.

A salad of red leaf lettuce, romaine, cucumber, tomato, spring onion and grandma's dressing made the meal complete. I also had nice glass of red wine.

"The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone
in your heart-this you will build your life by, this you will become"
James Allen; As a Man Thinketh


Rachel said...

I have totally had compounded hunger, but for me it's because of my activity levels being way up as I pack my house up to move. That fish looks delicious!

Elizabeth said...

I'm jealous of your grill! The fish looks great. :)

Son of Grok said...

That grouper looks delectible. I just stocked up on some wild salmon for the feezer. Market had it for only $6.99 per pound... wild.

The SoG

Marc said...

Hi Rachel,
I think I added to my compounded hunger with additional activity also. Good point.
I've really been enjoying your writing/posts.
The grouper was very very good.;-)
I made "grouper salad" thins morning with the leftovers. Spring onion, diced cucumber, grouper and some mayo. Yummy breakfast.

Are you in the cold some where??
I know I'm lucky, it was freezing for us here in Florida last week at 40. Everyone was complaining. They don't realise how good they have it.

what market was that? Local?
Dang that's a great price.
I used to make a lot of "salmon salad" but the good cans of wild salmon from canada are too expensive. $4.95 for these little cans.


Elizabeth said...

If I had a grill, cold weather wouldn't stop me! Unfortunately I live in a second floor apartment (ie, don't even have a stoop to set a grill out on).

I had a grill once for one brief glorious year when I didn't live in an upper floor apartment and we cooked on it as much as we could, even in the NJ winter. It was awesome.

Son of Grok said...

It is a local/notlocal market lol. It is a health food market with great prices and phenominal produce. It is half farmers market and half regular market. It has both local and the major distributor stuff. It is our main source for grocery shopping. Yeah that was 6.99 per pound for frozen fillets! not even canned... and they were wild. That doesnt even seem possible to me... but its true lol.

The SoG

sarena said...

I actually reminded myself to grill this past Friday, with thoughts of you!! And it was COLD out there here in upstate NY!

BEELifestyle said...

Yum! Can't wait to try, I don't eat enough fish (grown in Alaska and living in NY- I'm a fish snob), but then again, I don't look for the good stuff either and I'm sure it's here.

You've inspired me to go to the store and check it out tonight :) Yummmm...

Jay C said...

Fish looks good. Not sure you eat enough,as some of your pic's look like tasty app's, not full course meals. I also eat about 40/50 % of my calories in fat each day, along with 30% protein, carbs, as few as I can get by on on my non lift days.

Be well, chow on, train on

TrailGrrl said...

The grill basket is a must have. I am going to get one for Spring (we just got about 6 inches of snow and probably will have 11 inches and some ice by tomorrow... so I'd have to shovel over to the grill). I tend to set things on fire on the grill, so the basket would be a big help I think.

Grouper is my alltime favorite. I had it fresh down in Wilmington Beach. The made it as grouper balls though that were breaded and fried... what would be a paleo version of that... use a nut meal coating?

Keep up the recipe variety. Living in Ohio I didn't grow up with fish dishes (except fish sticks, of course, or the ever-popular fish on bun).

Another mostly paleo thing that I like to fix on the grill is stuffed jalapeno peppers. Cut them lengthwise and get the seeds and pulp out (Use latex gloves when handling!), then fill each half with cream cheese. Then drizzle with honey and put them on the grill. The basket would probably be a good idea for those.


Marc said...

Hi Sarena,
Glad to hear you took on the cold ;-) and thanks for thinking of me ;-)
Hope your doing good. I know you got another cold/snow spell where you are. Hang in there!!

That is tough to overcome in regards to the grill ;-(
Maybe some camping in the spring and summer and a fire?
Did you start your "green series" yet?

Yes I can see how you're a fish snob ;-)
A friend of mine who used to live in Maine, only eats lobster when he's there. He says it just doesn't taste the same any where else he gets it.

hmmm, that last plate with veggies and fish looked pretty full. And then there are most always seconds.
I'll look into it though, I usually hover around 3000 cals a day on non IF days.

Thanks for sharing that awesome jalapeno recipe. Neve heard of that, but will try it. Sounds like a great little superbowl naughty snack.
Glad you've tried the grouper, fresh it's rally a treat. Grouper balls I've never had ;-)
Good luck with the snow....I lived it long enough, that's why I'm in the sun now.;-)


Elizabeth said...

The "Greens Series" will be kicking off on Monday, Feb 2! Hope you check it out. :)

Anonymous said...

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