Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How many meals a day do you eat?

I sometimes think back on the days when I religiously ate 6 meals a day.
You know, to REALLY kick my metabolism into overdrive and of course to become huge lifting weights hours a day. What a hassle that was! The sheer anxiety I used to get when oh g'd forbid I missed a meal and would loose all that muscle mass that I worked for so hard.
As Forest Gump said "stupid is as stupid does"

In contrast here's yesterday;
Worked out in a fasted state in the morning (7:30 am) for about 15 minutes and walked my dog for about 30 minutes. Around 1:30 pm I left my office and went to Whole Foods to grab some lunch. So my first meal of the day arrived a little before 2 pm. I ate some lettuce, spinach leaves, turkey, meat, onion, garlic, and evoo. Per the scale at Whole Foods, I ate about a pound of food. (Side note, I'm really not much of a Whole Foods fan, but the salad/food bar is a saviour at times when I'm short on time or unprepared with my office food container.)

At 6:00pm I met a co-worker at the new gym he now belongs to, and joined him for a workout.
He's been intrigued for a long time by my work outs, and asked if I could show him my short Routine. So I did. We did the following; pull up ladders. I did one, he did one. I did two, he did two. All the way up to five and then back down again. We did 2 sets. Strict pull ups, all the way down. As he was breathing heavy, he said; I don't get it, I can do 10 of those normally with out being too tired. Well we just did 50 pull ups.
Then incline dumbell presses. 15, 8 and 4. Next seated dumbell shoulder presses for 15,8 and 4.
Then some seated one legged presses, again for 15, 8 and 4. Then we did planks. 5 reps of respectively; 30 seconds, 45, seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds, 45 seconds. Then we walked outside for 15 minutes swinging our arms and talking. I was home by 7 and made a little feats to reward myself and....I was HUNGRY ;-)

Ribs and kobe beef kabobs (both were ready in the fridge to be put on the grill) I rubbed a little butter on the kebabs as they were grilling.

This is easy,delicious and refreshing;
Nappa cabbage salad.
Shred the cabbage, add some scallion, a few slices of a mild spicy pepper (don't know the name)
pistachios, toasted sesame oil, rice vinegar, soy sauce and a heaping spoon of vegenaise. (I didn't have any home made mayo left)

I'll have some left overs for breakfast or lunch.
So how many meals a day do you eat? Is it pretty random? Sometimes 4, sometimes 1?
Hit me up with you typical eating day.


Son of Grok said...

I usually have a fast breaking meal sometime between 1 and 3 o'clock depending on how hungry I get. I then leave the office at 4:30, run home eat a snack then workout, eat a post workout meal (5:30 or so). THen the wife gets home from work and makes a big dinner that we eat oh about 7-7:30.

So I guess you could say I eat 4 meals per day... just in a short time frame.

sarena said...

random...generally 2 or 3x! occas. 4 though!!

Jay C said...

Most days, IF, eat lunch, dinner, so two meals. If not IF'ing, the three.

Cave Cooking said...

I'm a three meal a day type, but of varying size. I typically consume a light breakfast around 7:30am and small lunch around 12ish(~600 cal for the two meals), and a larger dinner around 6:30.

Dave Clary said...

It varies from three to five with some of those being more of a snack (like apple slices with almond butter). I try to IF once a week or so by not eating breakfast or lunch, but I only do that on non-racquetball days.

Marc said...

Thanks everyone.
I think I'm about 3 meals per day...one is large....and it's random which one that is.
I have an IF day about once or twice a week. Meaning I won't break the fast until 2 or 3pm. (stopped eating the previous night around 7-8).
Interesting side note, if I have a tennis tournament, I often play hungry. I never run out of steam, and my focus is razor sharp. It's taken me quite some time to "trust" that. I was always worried in the past that I would run out of "fuel".

All this talk about food has me reaching for a macadamia nut in my office.


TrailGrrl said...

Since I've been paleo, the IF part seems to come naturally. I usually do 2 meals a day... late lunch and dinner. Sometimes 3 if I am working out, depending on the time of workout. I've not been brave enough to do a hard interval workout without eating.

It's so freeing!

I've been really into ribs lately. I think because I can order them while eating out and get a good protein dose.


Dave Clary said...

Your comment on the "hungry tennis" is interesting. I'm still in "afraid I'll run out of food" mode. But I guess Grok had to put in some serious effort just to relieve his hunger--I'll have to try it.

MizFit said...


minimeals all.

Jeff said...

It varies. Twice a week or so it is once per day. One to three other times it is twice per day. I rarely do more than four meals in a day. It is mostly IF related except the days I skip lunch where it is more I am just not hungry.

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