Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yogurt Dressing

Just quickly; I'm in no way associated or compensated by the product/company below.

Product review. I had told Richard at Free the Animal that I would post next time I got this.
Fage yogurt has been in the spot light lately and yours truly loves full fat Fage. It truly is better then sour cream.
But I also buy this;
This yogurt with all of it's probiotic goodness and flavor is the go to guy/gal for dressing.
It tastes to me like an old fashioned home made yogurt. It's a little more sour then what your used to I suspect, but you will love the complexity of the flavor. Now because it's more "runny" it is perfectly suited for making dressings. You can find this at Whole Foods.

Cut up some scallion and cilantro, chop a little garlic, add sea salt,fresh ground pepper and a squeeze of lemon. Mix well and toss over a salad. Now drizzle a tiny bit of evoo over it once you've put it over your salad.
The dressing will work great with grilled chicken or lamb too.
If you keep it in the fridge for a few days the flavor will really intensify.
Have you ever tried this yogurt?

"We all posses more power and greater possibilities than we realize, visualizing is one of the greatest of these powers" GB

Quotes like these are wonderful, but I feel it makes issues more complex then they need to be.
You know what the above says? It says DREAM. We all know and can connect with the word dream, but start telling us we need to "visualize" and our silly over-analysing and adult thought process starts taking over. As kids we "dream", as adults we "visualize". I say keep dreaming, it will keep you young ;-) and you might just get what you want.


A Feng said...

Marc, good post. It's good to see hardcore primal types like you coming out in favor of yogurt and dairy. I read somewhere the observation that butter is almost pure animal fat, and that's the bottom line for me. I eat a lot of full-fat yogurt and drink a lot of full-fat milk and it tastes and feels great. I don't know about other people, but my ancestors have been eating dairy for about 10,000 years with pretty solid results.

Anyway - Fage is my favorite brand, and I am not crazy about Erivan. It's pretty sour by comparison. I bet it would make a great dressing though.

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Fage yogurt, I will have to try the other if I ever come across it. We don't have the pleasure of a Whole Foods where I live :-(. That salad looks delicious, thanks for sharing!

Great post! I will take your advice and keep dreaming, I have faith I will end up with what I want. ;-)

Marc said...

A Feng,

I love butter! Do you read the hpyerlipid blog? does a body good ;-)

Fage is wonderful.
When our dreams are "right"....we always end up with what we want...


A Feng said...

Marc, I had not ever heard of the Hyperlipid blog, and I am sure glad you told me about it! 80% of your calories from fat is pretty extreme but he looks like he's having a great time doing it. His recipe for Optimal Ice Cream ( blew my mind. I have been thinking for a while about trying to make some unsweetened or barely sweetened "primal" ice cream, think I might give it a shot this weekend!

Andy's Blog said...

I just tried that Fage yogurt last weekend with Jeff; it was damn good. And I've seen it pop up in several blogs just over the past week. Local supermarket only has low fat and 2% (boo!), but the search continues.

Marc said...

I introduced my parents to it just 2 weeks ago and now they buy it all the time ;-)
I've noticed the supermarkets here also don't carry the full fat's indicative of the fat phobia as supermarkets are masters of "supply data per location". They know exactly what shoppers are buying in a specific store. I can go to Publix (the local powerhouse in Florida) buy my house and about 5 miles away, and those two stores carry very different products.....