Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Beef and Patience

The other day I bought some rib eye from the local supermarket.
The rib eye was thinly sliced. Looks pretty good right? Well, sadly these steaks SUCKED!
Why do you think that is? Is it the chemicals they use to bring out the nice red color?
The zucchini was tasty though ;-)
How do you keep at it? Whether it's your way of eating, exercising or maybe your relationships, your work. I'm slowly learning that patience is truly the magic word. You can't become a "fat burner" over night. Give it time. You can't be ripped and lean over night, give it time, be patient. You don't become the C.E.O of your company after just having started with your company, be patient, work hard, keep at it and it will come. Your relationship isn't instantly perfect, be patient it will blossom into everything you dream it to be.
"Within your weakness lies your strength, sleeping. Don't ever give up. All things come to those who believe and exercise patience, those who can't wait, give up too easily, and then loose everything". SB
SMILE a lot today......


Dan said...

They sure look good from the picture. I've had the same thing happen to me. I try to avoid buying my meats from the supermarkets now if possible.

By the way, what kind of grill do you have there? It looks like a charcoal. I am a huge fan of grilling. I'm not sure if you've ever heard of Steven Raichlen, but if you are griller like I am, you have to check him out.

Anonymous said...

Ah man, sucky meat!! :-(

Thank you for sharing this about patience. It is exactly what I needed to read!!

Smoketheblowfish said...

"Thinly sliced rib eye"...that will usually be a clue to how the meat's going to taste. Sorry about the bad experience. There's nothing worse than looking forward to a meal and having it suck.

And yes, patience is key to pretty much everything. Have a great weekend.


Beastie Girl said...

I remember, coming from New Zealand where all meat is naturally grassfed, and shopping in my local Pathmark in New Jersey. Oo! Beef! I cried! Just the ticket!

I took it home, cooked it, took one bite and threw it out. It was the vilest tasting piece of crap I have ever eaten in my life. I have pitied Americans ever since. I can't believe that kind of evil has been inflicted on you. I'm so sorry.